Is Scott Wern From 90 Day Fiance Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

’90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise’ is an interesting ’90 Day’ spinoff show that follows US citizens who have fallen in love with people from the Caribbean. Likewise, season 3 of the show introduced us to Spring Hill, Florida, resident Scott Wern as he explored a relationship with Lidia Morel. Although Lidia was ready to take their relationship to the next stage, Scott appeared confused with his choices and even toyed with the idea of going back to his ex. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Scott Wern is currently dating anyone, shall we?

Scott Wern’s Former Relationships

On the show, Scott revealed that he had been married once previously, although the relationship ended in a bitter divorce. Yet, that has been his only serious relationship to date, as the divorce made him lose trust in love, and he soon moved on to having one-night stands through various dating apps. However, with time, Scott realized the importance of settling down with someone, and that was when he met the Dominican Republic native Lidia Morel, better known as Pedro Jimeno’s mother to fans of the franchise. Although he and Lidia met through an international dating site, their relationship blossomed through phone and video calls.

As days progressed, the US native could not wait to meet his beloved in person. Hence, he eventually made plans and flew to the Dominican Republic to meet Lidia. In the Dominican Republic, Scott realized that his relationship with Lidia would not be smooth as the two had difficulty communicating. In fact, Lidia did not understand much English, and since she refused to depend on translation apps, the couple had to ask a stranger to translate for them during their first date.

Moreover, Lidia’s daughter, Nicole, seemed pretty involved in the relationship, and she even jotted down a list of personal questions which Scott was forced to answer without any prior warning. This, coupled with their communication difficulties, led to Scott having second thoughts, and once his ex-girlfriend, Lis, reached out over text, he decided to give their relationship a chance. Naturally, Lidia was devastated by the betrayal, although things weren’t any better for Scott and Lis.

Lis mentioned that even though she came to the Dominican Republic intending to have a relaxed time, Scott seemed pretty desperate for company, and he even asked her to move to the United States with him. This sudden demand for commitment made her realize that the relationship was moving too fast, and she ultimately decided to return to her native country of Colombia. Devastated and heartbroken, Scott tried to reconnect with Lidia one final time, but she refused to entertain his advances and immediately bid him farewell.

Is Scott Wern Dating Anyone?

Though Scott appeared quite eager for companionship towards the end of ’90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise’ season 3, it seems like he is single as of writing. From the looks of it, he returned to the US after filming for season 3 wrapped and settled into his everyday life in Spring Hill, Florida, with his Bull mastiff, Ally. Besides, Scott currently earns a living as a Personal Trainer and works as a high school soccer coach. He is pretty active on social media and often posts snippets from his life for fans to follow. Still, there is no mention of a special someone in his recent posts. Scott does have a post dedicated to Lidia, but it seems to be a goodbye post that wishes her the best for her future.

On the other hand, reports mention that Scott has been receiving a lot of bad publicity for his behavior on the show, but the reality star insisted that no one knew the whole story and he would be posting a tell-all of his own in the coming days. Moreover,  in June of 2023, ’90 Day Fiance’ star Tiffany Franco revealed that he had left a message in her DMs praising her beauty and expressing his desire to hang out with her. This message further proves that Scott is single as of the present, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

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