Is Sexy Beasts Real or Scripted?

With Rob Delaney (‘Catastrophe’) as the narrator, Netflix’s ‘Sexy Beasts’ can only be deemed as a unique dating show where each episode revolves around a new quartet of individuals, with one hoping to find love in the range of three others. They don elaborate masks that disguise their appearance throughout the process of intending to get with somebody based on personality alone. In this strange program, the cutting-edge prosthetics are only removed once the picker has made their decision, meaning that it genuinely takes looks out of the romantic equation. Though, the physique is still there.

In other words, ‘Sexy Beasts’ is the perfect blend of ‘The Masked Dancer,’ ‘Love is Blind,’ and ‘Dating Around.’ This admittedly outlandish format does yield some surprising results, making it very fascinating. So, creator Simon Welton’s comments to Variety holds. “The viewers are in for a real treat,” he claimed. “I hope the show puts a smile on peoples’ faces as they play along to discover who’ll fall in love with who, and what our cast all really look like.” Now, if you are curious to know whether the series is real or fake, we’ve got those details for you as well.

Is Sexy Beasts Real or Scripted?

Ever since ‘Sexy Beasts’ was initially produced in the UK on BBC 3 back in 2014, it has been billed as a reality dating show. This particular feature did not change when A&E Network imported it for a brief stint in 2015, it took the international platform – Germany and Korea, or now that it has stepped up to appear on Netflix. Consequently, we believe that it is unscripted. However, with the amount of time and money usually spent to design high-consumption series’ such as this, we also assume that producers have their fair share of inputs in how some scenes should be played out for the viewers.

We don’t mean scripting or directing the reality stars’ actions or dialogues; we mean subtly pushing particular subjects or cutting scenes during post-production and placing them in such a way that it emphasizes a point over and over again. For example, although Kariselle‌ (from episode 3) did want to find a partner with whom she could quickly start a family, the repeated indications of that are probably due to post-production editing. After all, there must be something else she focused on. We assume that the same goes for LA-based lab technician James and his love for his form and physique in episode 2.

However, this does not imply that the producers influence the choices of the willing participants in any way. It’s unclear whether the location of the dates and the get-ups of animals, monsters, creatures, etc., that the players don during these times is their own decision or not. Therefore, we won’t even try to interpret it. Yet, the one thing we know for sure is that their one-on-one links, interviews, kisses, reactions, and relationships are all very authentic. None of what truly matters on ‘Sexy Beasts’ has been scripted in any way, shape, or form. Thus, it is as genuine and natural as it can be.

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