Is Shin Min Ah Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

One of the most celebrated performers in Korean pop culture, South Korean actress and model Shin Min Ah (or Shin Min-a) has earned an incredible fan following over the years. Shin started as a teen model but went on to become one of the most sought-after fashion endorsers in her country. She began her acting career with the 2001 show ‘Beautiful Days’ and was followed by amazing performances in films and shows like ‘A Bittersweet Life,’ ‘Go Go 70s,’ ‘A Love to Kill,’ and ‘My Love, My Bride,’ among many others.

In 2015, Shin’s appearance in ‘Oh My Venus,’ a romantic TV series earned her immense popularity and multiple accolades. It was followed by ‘Tomorrow, With You’ in 2017, making Shin one of the most lauded actors in the industry. Shin garnered more fans with her portrayal of Yoon Hye Jin in ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,’ one of the highest-rated series in Korean cable television history. Due to her on-screen pairing with many sensational actors in the industry, Shin has always been in the spotlight with regard to her personal life. If you are curious about her life beyond the screens, we have got you covered!

Shin Min Ah’s Boyfriend

Shin Min Ah is in a long-term relationship with model and actor Kim Woo Bin. In February 2015, sparks flew between the two while working together for advertisements. However, the couple reportedly started dating sometime in May 2015. Two months later, in July, the respective agencies of the model turned actors confirmed their relationship. Since then, the two have stood by each other through thick and thin.

Image Credit: Giordano/YouTube

In 2017, their life took a turn for the worse when Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer. As an admirable gesture, Shin took a break from her acting career to accompany her boyfriend for the treatment and stood by him through his radiation therapy. Shin returned to screen in 2019, with the series ‘Chief of Staff,’ after the betterment of her boyfriend. The real-life couple stars together in ‘Our Blues!,’ a TV series penned by acclaimed screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung, marking their first collaboration together in TV.

Shin Min Ah, 37, and Kim Woo Bin, 32, have been an inspirational couple for all their fans across the world. They have shown a relationship can be built beautifully without the differences in age or fame in the way. The two have overcome the spotlights to protect their relationship by distancing their personal life from social media. Furthermore, both Shin and Kim have been able to stay away from the rumor-filled world of Korean pop culture by keeping the communication alive with the fans through their agencies as statements.

In an interview in September 2020, Shin said, “Since we have the same career and we support each other, we say, ‘Hwaiting!’ to each other. I also hope Kim Woo Bin does well since he’s making his return.” She added, “We’re cheering each other on.” As Kim Woo Bin is reinventing his professional career after bravely recovering from cancer, we can be sure that Shin Min Ah will be with him as his strength as the journey continues for them.

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