Is Shoresy Leaving Letterkenny? Where is He Now?

‘Letterkenny’ is known for juggling its extensive roster of cast members, giving rise to some truly hilarious side characters that have become iconic over their appearances across the show’s many seasons. One of the most memorable is the foul-mouthed Shoresy, who periodically appears alongside hockey players Reilly and Jonesy, only to taunt them mercilessly with one-liners. If you’re a fan of the show, you can probably hear Shoresy’s graphic go-to lines that he uses to crush his fellow hockey players’ spirits.

In season 10, however, we get some hints that Shoresy might be leaving the town of Letterkenny. Are those rumors true? And if so, where is our favorite foul-mouthed side-character headed? Let’s take a look at what is going on with Shoresy. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Shoresy Leaving Letterkenny?

Shoresy has been part of the eccentric ‘Letterkenny’ crew ever since he joins Reilly and Jonesy’s hockey team in season 1. Despite appearing on multiple episodes across many seasons, Shoresy’s face is never seen, and he is only known by his signature number 69 hockey jersey. Of course, his other notable calling card is shouting out high-pitched taunts that generally involve Reilly and Jonesy’s mothers performing unspeakable sexual acts on him, much to their frustration.

In season 10, Tanis informs Wayne that Jonesy is leaving for another town to improve his prospects for hockey. It has been seen on multiple occasions that the foul-mouthed young boy is an exceptional hockey player who the coach considers to be a “marvel.” We also see Shoresy’s disturbing habit of working out all alone every day in the hockey rink until he vomits. Thus it looks like his skills are finally being put to good use and both Wayne and Tanis seem to think that Shoresy deserves to move up in hockey. This is also good news for Reilly and Jonesy, who have wanted to be rid of Shoresy for as long as they can remember.

Of course, in the bigger scheme of things, Shoresy can never truly leave ‘Letterkenny’ since his character is essayed by one of the show’s creators and lead cast member Jared Keeso, who plays Wayne. Since Keeso essays Shoresy wearing a wig and using a falsetto, and the character’s face has remained notoriously unseen since he was introduced, even if Shoresy leaves the town of ‘Letterkenny,’ we might just see him return to the show from time to time. However, after season 10, it might not be as often since his own story is told in a spinoff titled ‘Shoresy.’

Where is Shoresy Now?

In season 10, we are told that Shoresy is going “North” to join a senior hockey team. After a brief fistfight in which Wayne unexpectedly helps him, Shoresy is seen leaving Letterkenny. We then see him entering Sudbury, and it becomes clear that he is there to play for the Sudbury Bulldogs, a senior AAA hockey team.

Thus, Shoresy seems to be in Sudbury, which could also become the setting for the spinoff titled after him. There is a good chance that he will come back down to Letterkenny with his new team or at the very least cross paths with Reilly and Jonesy on the hockey circuit for more of his hilarious, foul-mouthed antics.

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