Where is ‘Letterkenny’ Filmed?

‘Letterkenny’ is a Canadian television series that excels at what very few TV shows manage to do today: coming up with a hilarious sitcom that can last for numerous seasons and a large number of episodes. The good old sitcom days might be behind us, but ‘Letterkenny’ proves that there is still hope for fans of the genre with its oddball comedy and a premise that is about nothing in particular (I am a ‘Seinfeld‘ and ‘Friends’ sympathizer constantly wondering where and why “modern comedy” came from to replace such a classic genre).

The series follows the residents of the titular village in Canada as they go about their lives. The main characters are a couple of siblings who manage and run a small farm with the help of two of their friends. As you’d expect, the siblings and their friends get into goofy situations regularly with no ultimate motif in mind other than just living their lives. This provides an endless premise around which various episodic stories can be spun.

Letterkenny Filming Locations

As stated earlier, the show is set in a fictional, rural community after which the sitcom is titled. Reportedly, the series’ writers came up with the village’s name from a map of Ireland. The place is depicted to be located in the province of Ontario in Canada. All the characters have a thick, Southern Ontarian accent which might limit the appeal of ‘Letterkenny’ but adds to the show’s genuineness. After all, the reason that it has found success is because of its accurate and unabashed portrayal of Canadian, rural life.

Due to the nature of the show and its genre, it hardly ever steps out of familiar territory and locations. Similar to how ‘Friends’ had the Central Perk Cafe and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ had McLaren’s Pub, ‘Letterkenny’ has a few locations that the characters keep coming back to. You wouldn’t see them step out of their village much. It is shot in Sudbury and here are additional details about the show’s filming locations:

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada:

‘Letterkenny’ is shot in Sudbury, Ontario. While most of the region’s population lives in an urban setting, a sizable chunk is scattered throughout its hilly and pristine countryside which has several picturesque lakes and vast, open fields.

1546 Cote Bouelevard:

As mentioned earlier, ‘Letterkenny’ focuses on the residents of a rural community. Its primary characters are the siblings, Wayne and Katy who run a small farm. Their farm is one of the principal places where the show takes place. 1546 Cote Boulevard is the exact location in Sudbury where Wayne and Katy’s farm is filmed.

Due to the popularity of the show, 1546 Cote Boulevard has become quite popular among locals and visitors. This was echoed in an interview that the show’s writer, creator and main cast member, Jared Keeso gave. He said, “we have people tweet at us, saying that they’ve driven to Sudbury and stopped by all the locations. Of course, the farm that we shoot at, they’ll get the occasional knock on the door, just from complete strangers who want to see the place and walk around the property. That’s pretty cool too.”

Frood Hotel:

Like most group of friends on a conventional sitcom, the characters of ‘Letterkenny’ are often seen hanging out at a bar. MoDean’s Roadhouse is the place where the characters often go for a drink. Besides, it is the only bar in the fictional Letterkenny town. Hence, the sitcom trope of the group frequenting only one place is quite believable. Sudbury’s Frood Hotel is the place that is converted to the MoDean’s Roadhouse for ‘Letterkenny.’

St. Paul’s United Church

Another recurring location on ‘Letterkenny’ is the church. On the show, it is mostly referred to as “the church.” However, a closer look at the set’s banners reveals that it is called the Grace Fellowship Church. The actual place where scenes in the church are filmed is Sudbury’s St. Paul’s United Church.

Other locations:

Apart from the above-mentioned locations, there are several other places where the show’s story takes place on multiple occasions. One of them is a convenience store called “Donovan Variety” on the show. The actual place where the convenience store is filmed at is also known as Donovan Variety.

Moreover, the fictional town’s hockey arena also forms a primary setting of ‘Letterkenny.’ It is often called “the barn” on the show and is shot at the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex in Sudbury.

Moreover, the fictional town’s agricultural hall which is unofficially called “the Ag Hall” by the characters is also seen in a few episodes of the show. Its actual place of filming is Dr. Edgar Leclair Arena which is located in Azilda, Sudbury.

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