Venita Aspen: Southern Charm Star is Dating a Musician

Venita Aspen, a familiar face to fans of the Bravo TV show ‘Southern Charm,’ has captured the hearts of the audience with her glamorous presence and captivating personality. Over the last three seasons, she has transitioned from being a character in the background to the leading lady on the show. While her journey on the show has been well-documented, fans have been curious about her personal life, particularly her romantic status. Is Venita Aspen dating, and if so, who is her boyfriend?

Venita Aspen Was Born in South Carolina

Venita Aspen’s journey to fame and recognition on ‘Southern Charm’ was not a straightforward one. Born on October 16, 1993, in Charleston, South Carolina, she is deeply rooted in the Southern charm and culture that the show celebrates. A third-generation resident of Charleston, Venita was adopted and still has the blanket she did when she was an adoptive child. She was raised by a loving mother and a military veteran, Vi Mitchell, with whom shares a special bond. She is known as a self-proclaimed Southern Belle, a title that suits her perfectly. Her Southern upbringing is an essential part of her identity, and it has shaped her approach to life and relationships.

Venita attended Trident Technical College in Charleston, where she pursued a culinary education. After graduating from college in 2014, Venita embarked on a series of diverse career ventures. Her professional journey took her through various roles, including fashion and food blogging, pastry chef, and social media coordinator. One of the most notable aspects of Venita’s career is her role as an Executive Producer at The Aspen Agency. Her leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit make it clear that she is not just a reality TV star; she is a woman with a thriving professional life beyond the small screen.

Beyond her professional achievements, Venita has made a name for herself as a fashion influencer. Her impeccable style, showcased on her Instagram page with 111K followers, has earned her partnerships with renowned brands such as Anthropologie, Old Navy, Target, and Le Creuset. Her keen eye for fashion trends and her ability to curate perfect ensembles have made her a style icon in Charleston and beyond.

Venita Aspen Shares a Deep Bond With Her Boyfriend

Venita Aspen is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Manny. Manny is a musician, and according to Venita, he is her “forever person.” In a recent interview with Us Weekly, she couldn’t contain her excitement when discussing her new romance with Manny. This newfound love has completely swept her off her feet.

Venita and Manny’s relationship traces back five years, when Manny slid into her Instagram DMs. They started as Instagram friends, and their connection gradually grew stronger. Within the last year, they took their relationship to the next level and became an official couple. What sets this relationship apart is Venita’s unwavering confidence in its potential. She firmly believes that Manny is her “forever person” and is ready to embrace the journey ahead with him.

Another intriguing aspect of Venita and Manny’s relationship is their connection to one of the original cast members of ‘Southern Charm,’ Shep Rose. Manny’s background as a musician brought him into contact with Shep, who is a part owner of the Commodore, a vintage jazz club in Charleston. Their pre-existing relationship has made it seamless for Manny to become part of the ‘Southern Charm’ circle.

Venita has expressed that Manny has a natural ability to work the room, which adds an exciting dimension to the show. “He’s still God’s gift to me in the earth. I love Manny,” Venita said in the aforementioned interview. She further added, “He’s so great. He’s such a great partner. So I’m really excited for people to see not only him but me in a relationship. We haven’t seen that before [on the show], so I’m very excited for it.”

What’s particularly exciting for fans is the prospect of seeing Venita in a relationship on the show. Throughout her time on the show, viewers have not witnessed her in a romantic partnership. This season promises to offer a glimpse into this new chapter of her life and how it impacts her dynamic with the other cast members.

Venita Aspen’s reality TV has been marked by her transformation from a background character to a leading lady, and her personal life has seen a significant evolution as well. She has found love in the form of Manny, and her confidence in their relationship being a lasting one is unwavering. Season 9 of ‘Southern Charm’ offers the audience an intimate look into their romance and how it impacts her interactions with the other cast members.

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