Is Stars on Mars Scripted or Real?

Fox’s ‘Stars on Mars’ is an exciting game show that revolves around several contestants who are put into a hyper-realistic simulation of Mars, where they face numerous physical and mental challenges in a bid to survive until the very end. As the name suggests, most of the participants on the show are well-known stars from different fields, and at first glance, it will be difficult for viewers to distinguish between the actual red planet and the one built for the game show.

Besides, things get even more interesting as one contestant is sent home to “Earth” after every week until a winner is crowned. Naturally, the show’s portrayal of Mars has raised questions about its authenticity, while some viewers wonder if the entire game show is pre-determined and staged. Moreover, a few others believe the personalities who appear as competitors follow a specific script to the tee. Well, with fans now eager to know the truth, let’s find out if ‘Stars on Mars’ is scripted or real, shall we?

Is Stars on Mars Scripted?

While the setting and premise of ‘Stars on Mars,’ might feel a bit absurd and weird, Fox has been presenting it as an unscripted show ever since its premiere. Readers should note that a show can only get the stamp of authentication if it prefers spontaneity over pre-written scrips. Moreover, while nothing can be pre-determined or rehearsed before filming, the production team is expected to stay away from influencing the narrative. Additionally, anyone appearing in front of the cameras must not be given specific directions but should be allowed to act freely.

Interestingly, while ‘Stars on Mars’ satisfies most of the factors required for it to be deemed unscripted, there are areas that need external help in order to increase the show’s immersion. For starters, even though the production team conducts detailed background checks on each contestant before inviting them onto the show, the participants featured in ‘Stars on Mars’ are all renowned real-life personalities from different walks of life. On top of it, they are also allowed to speak their minds while filming, as no one shies away from revealing how they genuinely feel about their competition.

Meanwhile, we can confirm that the actual game show portion of ‘Stars on Mars’ is entirely unscripted, as nothing is pre-planned or pre-determined. In fact, the participants are kept in the dark until the very last moment, and no one has any idea about the emotional and physical challenges they might face during the journey. Moreover, cameras even document how the contestants are forced to adjust their strategies and change paths based on the challenges, indicating that the show promotes a platform for equal and unbiased competition.

That being said, the show has to resort to unauthenticity in some areas, primarily due to its unorthodox setting. While the production team is tasked with creating a hyper-realistic simulated environment prior to filming, reports state that some clever camera work and brilliant set design turned Australia’s Coober Pedy into the surface of the Red Planet. Furthermore, it is also evident that the producers have to prepare a list of challenges beforehand to make filming more convenient.

On the other hand, since an increase in viewership is an essential factor for a network to consider, the producers often have the liberty to make minor changes during post-production to make the narrative more appealing. Yet, that rarely affects the authenticity of a game show, and we can confirm that ‘Stars on Mars’ is entirely unscripted.

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