Stars on Mars: Exploring Every Filming Location of the Reality Show

Fox’s ‘Stars on Mars’ is a reality TV series that takes a group of adventurous celebrities to the red planet and gives them an in-person experience of what it might be like to be an astronaut living on Mars. As the contestants live, eat, sleep, and bond with one another while staying inside the same space station, they must also strategize to be the last one standing and earn the title of the brightest star in the galaxy and become the “celebronaut.”

Hosted by William Shatner, who serves as Mission Control, the competition show sees the 12 fearless celebrities competing in different missions in the space station and voting out their crewmates to send them back to Earth. As mentioned above, the unscripted show takes place on the red planet, with the contestants experiencing physical and mental challenges inspired by actual Mars exploration programs. So, does the production really take place out on Mars? Well, let’s find out together, shall we?

Stars on Mars Filming Locations

‘Stars on Mars’ is filmed in Australia, particularly in South Australia. According to reports, principal photography for the debut season of the reality series commenced in early May 2023 and wrapped up within the same month. So, let’s follow the celebrities as they embark on a journey to outer space and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that stand in for Mars in the Fox series!

South Australia, Australia

To replicate the terrains of Mars and construct a space station, the production team of ‘Stars on Mars’ utilizes the locales of South Australia, a state in Australia’s southern central part. Specifically, the town of Coober Pedy is used to imitate the surface of Mars, mainly due to the presence of a stony and treeless desert with little to no plant life. In addition, The Breakaways, Lunar Plains, and Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park, all in Coober Pedy, serve as key production locations for the show.

Furthermore, the filming unit sets up camp in other portions of South Australia, including Moon Plain, Far Northern South Australia, and the Outback. The Co-CEO of Eureka Productions, Chris Culvenor, said quite a few things about shooting the series in Coober Pedy, “We’re thrilled to bring the production of Stars on Mars to Australia, providing hundreds of jobs within the Australian entertainment industry while also showcasing Coober Pedy. This unique and stunning location offers the ideal setting to recreate the surface of Mars, and we are excited to film the US version of ‘Stars on Mars’ here for FOX.”

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