Is Stella Kidd Dead or Alive? Is Miranda Rae Mayo Leaving Chicago Fire?

Image Credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

The eighth episode of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ season 11 ends with Detective Pryma meeting Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd to discuss offering an immunity deal to Kavanaugh, the dirty cop who worked for Martucci. In the ninth episode of the season, Pryma leads an attack on Martucci and his men. Even though the authorities successfully capture the criminal, Pryma’s life gets threatened and Stella gets involved in the encounter. Since the episode ends with a startling cliffhanger, the ardent admirers of the character must be alarmed about Stella’s fate. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Stella Kidd is Most Likely Still Alive

When the Chicago streets get filled with illegal weapons, Detective Pryma sets out to find the source of the same and put an end to the flow of firearms. He soon discovers that a criminal named Martucci is the one behind the illegal weapons. Using the info garnered from Kavanaugh, Pryma plans a showdown between his squads and Martucci’s gang. Expecting casualties, Stella Kidd and her team arrive at the site to treat anyone who may get hurt. Pryma and other officers storm into Martucci’s house and capture him, but a bomb pierces through the detective’s leg and severely injures him.

Image Credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

Stella and Sam Carver suit up and get into the house to treat Pryma with a bomb squad member. While the officer removes the parts of the bomb one by one, Stella and Carver treat Pryma, who fights death to stay alive. The bomb expert manages to remove each part of the bomb but it turns on before he could completely diffuse the same. The officer shouts to Stella and Carver to use a table as a shield and protect Pryma and the bomb explodes in no time. However, Stella must have survived the explosion and most likely is still alive.

Before the explosion, the bomb expert manages to guide Stella and Carver to seek protection behind a table. Since she most likely avoids direct exposure to the explosion, Stella must have avoided death. Considering that Carver must have tried his best to save his lieutenant, we may not need to worry about Stella’s fate for now. Since Stella has always tried to protect and guide Carver, even when his career gets threatened, he may have returned the favor by prioritizing protecting her. Having said that, Stella must have sustained severe injuries because of the explosion. In the tenth episode of the season, we can expect Sylvie Brett and Violet Mikami to try their best to prevent Stella from succumbing to her possible injuries.

Miranda Rae Mayo to Continue Her Role in Chicago Fire

To do justice to the narrative and character arcs, the creative heads of ‘Chicago Fire’ has never hesitated to write off a character. Naturally, the viewers can’t be blamed for worrying about Miranda Rae Mayo’s future in the show. However, neither NBC nor Mayo has released a statement concerning the actress’ supposed departure from the action drama. The explosion in the ninth episode of the eleventh season can be a narrative development conceived to depict the stakes in Stella’s job and increase the tension of the drama. Since the bond Stella and Carver have formed has become an integral storyline of the season, the narrative development can even be part of the same storyline, especially considering the possibility of Carver saving Stella from the explosion.

Image Credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

In addition, in a recent Q&A, co-showrunner Andre Newman teased that Stella and Severide will confront several challenges in their married life. “These two [Stella and Kelly] love each other with everything they’ve got, and support each other through thick and thin,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman responded to a fan question, as per TVLine. “But… there will be a few big wrenches thrown their way as the season progresses, so we’ll have to see how they handle those,” he added.

Since these “big wrenches” are yet to feature in the season, we can be sure that Stella will remain a part of the cast of ‘Chicago Fire.’ In the upcoming episodes of the show, we can look forward to seeing how Stella will manage these challenges while leading her squad as a lieutenant.

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