Is Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Scripted or Real?

Hosted by Fernanda Souza, Netflix’s ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ AKA ‘Ilhados Com a Sogra,’ certainly takes the concept of family drama to the next level with its unique concept. The relationship between a parent and their child’s partner can often be tense, sometimes even deteriorating to a level where it is hard to stay in each other’s company. Hence, when many such pairs are stuck on an island together as a part of this Brazilian social experiment, things do tend to heat up. As entertaining as the reality show is, there are also people wondering just how close to the truth the show is, and we are here to explore the same.

Is Stranded With My Mother-in-Law Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law’ is scripted. While it is undeniable that the show has its fair share of dramatic moments, it does not seem like things have been scripted or staged. In fact, there are even moments in the show when cast members have not been shy about calling out their fellow participants if they believe someone to not be completely genuine. Furthermore, people associated with the series have also expressed their own admiration for the overall concept.

Host Fernanda Souza has publically appreciated the show for shedding light on different forms of dynamics often prevalent in a family. While the primary focus is on mothers and the spouses of their children, their bond with the people who connect the two groups. She went on to add her admiration for the showrunners to do something completely different than the preexisting reality shows. Fernanda’s own role in the show is like that of a host and a gamemaster, who helps facilitate various activities, often with the aim of bringing family members closer, though she is never averse to providing some kindling for the sparks of drama.

Another person who has appreciated how the show works is the featured psychologist, Shenia Karlsson, specifically due to the show’s inclusion of various ethnicities and family dynamics that are prevalent in Brazil. That said, there are indeed several moments in the show where cast members have called each other over their actions. In season 1 of the show, many of the cast members suspected the Tenórios of possibly overplaying the animosity between them for nefarious reasons. However, given that the showrunners themselves did not shy away from displaying this discussion, it is unlikely that this arc of the series was pre-planned by them.

The drama that the viewers do get to see seems to be a result of people with tense relations living in such close quarters. It is evident that the show’s format is a pre-decided one but that a part of the show is representative of the planning rather than scripting. After all, the purpose of the social experiment is to use different activities to bring the in-laws closer, but it does lead to highly unexpected moments like the unexpected exit of Donattis from season 1.

As Fernanda aptly put in one of her statements, the Netflix series is full of unexpected moments that can lead to various emotions. While some of the actions and emotions of the cast members easily generate our empathy, the shocking nature of others also adds to the unpredictability and genuineness of the situation. Though the show is overall competition, with everyone trying their best to win the grand prize, it is evident that for most, if not all, it is also an opportunity to try and mend a crucial bond.

Despite the dramatic nature of the premise of ‘Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,’ the show has several heart-touching moments that help you believe in its genuineness. However, not everything is roses, given some highly emotionally charged situations where cast members become overwhelmed by the situation they have found themselves in. However, the ups and downs that we do see are certainly a fair representation of life itself, and the show’s ultimate goal does seem to help foster better connections between estranged family members.

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