Is Suspicion’s Eric Cresswell Based on a Real Scientist?

Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ revolves around the kidnapping of Leo Newman, the son of famed and influential businesswoman Katherine Newman. The high-profile kidnapping case takes a wild turn when the kidnappers demand “the truth about Eric Cresswell” from Katherine instead of a monetary ransom. Without any other options in front of her, Katherine confesses to severely jeopardizing Cresswell’s professional life as a scientist and personal life as a father and partner. As the truth about him gets revealed, one must be curious whether the character is based on a real eminent scientist. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Eric Cresswell Based on a Real Scientist?

No, Eric Cresswell is not based on a real scientist. Eric Cresswell is a fictional character conceived by creator Rob Williams and writers of the show. Cresswell is a professor of mathematics and climate modeling, commissioned by Katherine Newman’s first-ever client IOP Energy to study the environmental impacts of fossil fuels. The scientist’s report predicted astounding impacts on the planet due to the excessive exhaustion of fossil fuels. Since his report threatened her client, Katherine created false allegations of misconduct against Cresswell to discredit him as a reputed source. He was forced to lead a life alone since the allegations influenced his partner to leave him with their daughter.

Even though Cresswell is fictional, he represents the scientific community in the show. Katherine’s actions to invalidate Cresswell and his extremely significant findings and predictions do resemble how science and scientists are discarded for the personal gains of politicians and business people in our times. Through Cresswell, Williams shows us the cost of selfless commitment towards the greater good of the world. For trying to protect the planet and the human species, Cresswell had to suffer the loss of his family and career, only to become a helpless isolated being.

Cresswell, within the character’s fictional existence, also represents numerous scientists who have worked incredibly to emphasize the repercussions of climate change. The predictions in Cresswell’s fictional report are seemingly inspired by the real-life environmental occurrences that happened in the last two decades. In his report, Cresswell predicted upward temperature changes in the Philippines, grievous heat waves in Europe, and water shortage in Syria. These happenings are pivotal examples of the consequences of climate change, which enhances the character’s authenticity.

Although fictional, Cresswell’s life shows the viewers how the scientific community and their findings are often discarded for the selfish growth of influential figures in reality. Through the character, Rob Williams establishes that ignoring science for the gain of certain individuals paves the way for severe consequences.

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