Is Tamar Braxton Married? Does She Have Children?

Tamar Braxton is a multifaceted artist who established as a singer with her second studio album “Love and War” which released in 2013 and made it to the second position on Billboard 200 chart. She amassed a huge fan following after she won “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2019. But she grabbed eyeballs with her family reality show “Braxton Family Values” in which she appeared with her mother and sister. The Grammy-nominated musician took long years to completely built a deemed career path for herself and her search for happiness in romantic relationships has not been any easier. She has allegedly been a victim of physical abuse at the hands of all her partners but things seem to have taken a turn for worse recently. Here is everything we know about her family and love life! 

Tamar Braxton’s Family

Tamar Estine Braxton was the youngest of her six siblings and she started singing at a very young age. Toni, Tamar’s older sister, is a superstar singer who had already built her career while Tamar was still in her struggling phase. She has been on cordial terms with most of her family members including her mother and sister who appeared together on a reality TV show which navigated their careers, personal lives, and family bonding with one another. The show ended with showing the Braxton family in a positive light, with a few ups and downs.  

Tamar Braxton’s Relationships and Children

Tamar met her then-husband, Vincent Herbert, while he was Toni Braxton’s manager and they started dating in 2003. Despite their polar-apart personalities, the couple felt closely connected to each other and got married in November 2008. Vince, being a renowned record executive, agreed to manage his wife. They started a spinoff series “Tamar & Vince” which chronicled their lavish lifestyle while trying to strike a balance between personal and professional life. They welcome their son, Logan Vincent Herbert, in 2010 while the two were battling serious health issues. Eventually, their fans began to witness them bickering and fighting through the reality show. Close to their ninth anniversary, Tamar filed for divorce amid rumors of domestic violence, cheating, bad business deals, and Vince’s unending financial problems. They officially separated in 2019 after a drawn-out divorce.

But Vince was not her first husband. She married Darrell “Delite” Allam, a music producer, for a brief period between 2001 and 2003. While not much is known about this phase of her life, it is speculated that the relationship ended due to her being subjected to physical violence. After calling quits with Vince, she found love and happiness in her new man David Adefeso, a Nigerian born financial guru. The couple met in 2018 at a mutual friend’s birthday party and have been together ever since. Though he had spent a major part of life away from the spotlight, David was extremely supportive of her journey as a musician and superstar. He even became an amazing father figure to Logan, whom he treated as his own while the three lived together under the same roof as one big family.

After spending weeks at end quarantining with Adefeso, Braxton openly stated her desire to get married to him. She felt like they had fallen head over heels in love and she even looked forward to expanding her family. But these emotional moments already seem a thing of the past as the couple has been going through serious tribulations for the last couple of months. Braxton is alleging her boyfriend physically assaulted her and even claims that he threatened to kill her and then commit suicide. After recently being thanked for saving Braxton’s life following her suspected overdose, Adefeso reportedly filed for a restraining order against her. While this dramatic fallout has not been officially confirmed, close sources state that there is definitely some trouble in paradise.

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