Is The Cat Dead or Alive at the End of See for Me?

With Randall Okita at the director’s seat, the home invasion movie ‘See for Me’ stands out from its genre siblings, thanks to its enervating pace and intelligent storytelling. While cat-sitting in a mansion in the middle of nowhere, visually impaired talented skier Sophie finds herself in grave danger. Three armed robbers disturb the peace of the night. Sophie does not have much, except for her phone app and innovative thinking.

The story is painted with coldness, and a spirited performance by Skyler Davenport in the lead role keeps the tale taut. However, while the suggestive finale cuts out of the crime scene, we do not get a conclusion, while the story keeps lingering at the back of the mind. However, there is a cat people seem to forget in the gripping cat-and-mouse chase. Where the cat is at the end of the movie, you may wonder. Is the cat dead? Let us find out, but spoilers abound!

Is Archie The Cat Dead or Alive?

Sophie takes a cab for Six Golden Lane in upstate New York early in the story. Her destination is the opulent chalet of Debra, who enlisted for a house-sitter earlier. We realize that this is not the first gig for Sophie – she has taken up this profession after her complete blindness has changed the trajectory of her life. Following the tragedy, Sophie reluctantly house-sits for upscale families, extracting hefty remunerations in return.

Now, let us pay attention to Debra, the employer. After her divorce, Debra has no strings except for the cat, Archie – the reason for her calling in a sitter. She has filed the divorce paperwork the day before. As Debra stresses, she has apparently married her husband for maturity and not for money, and she found out that the husband had neither. So, now she is taking a vacation for herself, keeping Archie in Sophie’s care.

Well, we come to realize that maybe Debra is lying. But that is beside the point. The real question is, what happens to Archie? Can we remember when we last saw the cat? As Debra tells Sophie earlier, the cat is allergic to gluten. Did the cat have gluten by chance and fall sick? The cat plays a pivotal role in the story for all we know. Shortly after Debra exits the house, Sophie puts a collar on Archie.

The smart collar has a tracking device, which would help Sophie navigate the rooms. Therefore, the cat does not run away since the app would notify Sophie in such an instance. Neither is the cat dead. Because as much as the thieves care about finding Sophie and opening the vault, they don’t give a hoot about the cat.

And the cat can take care of himself, which you may know if you have lived with these cute devilish creatures. Later, when the burglars break into the house, Ernie sees the cat in the living room near the staircase to the upper floor. The cat is sleeping, and as Ernie throws light on him, he runs to the upper floor. As the following events unfold mainly in the lobby and the elaborate basement, we believe the cat is alright. Maybe he is in his “den,” where his boxes and toys are.

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