See for Me Ending, Explained: What Happens to Sophie?

You may have seen all the home invasion movies out there. However, Randall Okita’s second feature, ‘See for Me’ (also titled ‘Mira por mí’), still packs enough surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat. The hackneyed tropes are eschewed in favor of a remarkably refreshing story, filled with twists, turns, and flesh-and-bone characters. Set in the backdrop of ice-cold mountains, the spine-chilling story follows Sophie, a pro skier turned house sitter with palpable kleptomania.

However, when she visits her recent employer, little does she know that there would be burglars far more gruesome than her. A brooding soundtrack guides the audiences in this noir-tinted journey, and the slick, cold hue aptly reflects Sophie’s inner despair. The movie is well-rounded, and all’s well that ends well, right? But if you are still trying to put together loose ends, let us take you to the finale. SPOILERS AHEAD.

See for Me Plot Synopsis

Stubborn athlete Sophie Scott could not continue skilling due to the onset of complete blindness, but she is still regarded as one of the country’s top athletes in her age group. Sophie works as a house-sitter in posh properties, and while she gets paid enough, her mother wonders about the extra money in her pockets. While her mother thinks she has started an OnlyFans account, Sophie actually earns the extra bucks with a side hustle — stealing old and expensive wine from the employing houses.

She reaches the household of Debra at Six Golden Lane in upstate NY, deliberately cutting her persuasive mother’s call on the way. Following a divorce, Debra is about to have a vacation all by herself. After an awkward attempt at hugging, Debra leaves the house while Sophie takes care of Debra’s cat, Archie. After putting an intelligent collar on the cat, she calls up her “eyes,” Cam, who guides her through the house to the wine cellar. However, Cam cannot help her steal stuff from others’ homes this time, and Sophie angrily cuts the call.

Prompted by Debra, she alarms the security system. After accidentally locking herself out of the house, Sophie downloads See for Me, an app her mother told her about, to guide her back in. The app connects her to Kelly, who helps her open a backdoor through the solarium. Sophie saves Kelly’s number as a priority contact. She is safe for the time being, but a home invasion dead at night would make her call up Kelly again. After a hasty attempt at escapade, Sophie deals with the devils (we mean burglars). Kelly comes to the rescue.

See for Me Ending: Is Deputy Brooks Dead or Alive?

After playing some skiing videos, Sophie calls it a night. However, a car stops in front of the house. Three goons — Ernie, Otis, and Dave — break into the house, disarm the security alarm, and attempt to open the safe behind the painting in the living room. Sophie hears noises and comes downstairs to listen to the burglars talking. She calls 9-1-1, but the police will take some time to reach the house. After trying Cam’s number, Sophie calls up Kelly. Kelly asks Sophie to lay low and stay calm, but Sophie panics to get out of the house.

While Sophie makes a run for it, she bumps into Otis, the tough-guy burglar. Otis asks his comrades whether they should kill her. Unable to decide, they call up their leader Rico, presumably the divorced husband of Debra. The goons also discover that Sophie has called the emergency, and the police are about to arrive within ten minutes. Dave, the nervous burglar, panics since he expected the house to be empty. However, Sophie tells Rico that she can help them steal the money if they give her a fair share.

As Deputy Brooks, the female officer, comes in, Sophie tries to convince her that nobody is in the house. But Kelly’s 9-1-1 call gets relayed to Brooks just when she is about to leave, confirming an invasion. In the meantime, Ernie, the savvy guy, comes out and surrenders himself to the police. While this stunt comes off as unrealistic, he is just creating a diversion so that the other two can get hold of the officer. Otis kills the officer after a round of wrestling, and Sophie goes back into hiding with the officer’s gun.

What Happens to the Invaders? Are They All Dead?

As the situation escalates, Sophie calls Kelly again for the help, hiding in the sunroom. Ernie locates Sophie soon enough and tries to reason with her. But urged by Kelly, Sophie pulls the trigger, and Ernie is the first to die. Next up is Otis, who almost captures Sophie in the wine cellar. The battery is dying out, and Sophie’s call with Kelly is about to disconnect. There’s no time to lose, and Sophie hastily shoots him dead. Dave is downstairs drilling into the vault, and by the time Sophie reaches him, he has broken into it. Meanwhile, Sophie’s phone dies.

Dave plans to walk out with his share of the money, but Sophie does not let him run away that easily. Dave attempts to steal the taser from the officer, but Sophie quickly shoots him. Rico, the gang leader, comes around later, trying to tempt Sophie into coming out and getting the money (are you kidding?). Sophie cuts out the lights, and Rico senses that Sophie is not one to reason with. Hiding near the countertop, Sophie tries to divert Rico’s attention by throwing a glass.

However, Rico manages to grab her while the gun goes off. Just then, the $4,500 wine bottle Sophie stole earlier comes to the rescue. Sophie breaks the bottle on Rico’s head, presumably killing him from the blow. While his fate remains unknown in the movie, Officer Brooks’ reinforcement will soon arrive. Therefore, we sense that Rico is in jail, if not dead altogether.

Is Sophie Okay? Does She Steal Money From The Vault?

Following the sinister night, the movie takes us outside a hospital. Sophie is alright, barring a bullet in her leg. On the way out of the hospital, Sophie spills to her mother that she has replied to the email from Paralympics. The near-death experience has invoked a new zeal of life in her, and Sophie wants to go back to training before the season ends. The doctors have said that Sophie can walk in a week, and she hopes to go back on the hill by six. Sophie also quits smoking.

But when Sophie’s mother consoles her for not getting any tip from Debra, she does not reply. However, we see a mischievous smirk on Sophie’s face as the camera zooms in on her bag. The final scene sees Sophie on top of a mountain, ready to keep on skiing. We also detect the new and shiny gears. So, how does Sophie arrange for the money, then? Rewind several minutes — Sophie grabs two wads of cash from the vault after the death of Dave and puts in in her bag. So, Sophie procures her tip, after all.

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