Is The Hinkle Room a Real Gay Bar in Brooklyn?

Image Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ follows the story of Marco Meija, who embarks on a new and exciting chapter of his life when he is hired by Madolyn Addison, the creator and owner of the titular makeup brand. Marco is a gender nonconformist and is open about his sexuality. He is fearless in the expression of his true self. His makeup and dresses reflect what he feels and who he wants to be. Another place where Marco feels he can be himself without any judgment from others is The Hinkle Room.

While Marco spends most of his time at his office and home, he frequents the gay bar with his friends. He has been here multiple times and has become friends with the people who work there. The bar becomes an important location in Marco’s story, leading him to important revelations in his personal and professional life. If you want to know whether The Hinkle Room is a real gay bar, then here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Is The Hinkle Room a Real Place?

‘Glamorous’ is set in New York City, and The Hinkle Bar is located in Brooklyn. In real life, there is no gay bar with that name in Brooklyn. The filming for the TV show took place in and around Toronto, and the locations from the Canadian city served as the backdrop for New York. While the exterior shots of The Hinkle Room were captured somewhere in Toronto, it is most likely that the interiors were created as a set rather than being filmed inside a real-life bar.

While it might not be a real place, The Hinkle Room is instrumental to Marco’s story. While he is generally confident about his looks, Marco feels repressed at times, especially with his boyfriend, Parker, who wants him to tone down his makeup and not appear as feminine as he wants. In places like The Hinkle Room, Marco finds uninhibited freedom of expression and to be whoever and however he wants to be.

The bar also serves that purpose for other characters in the show who find personal and creative freedom in that place. When Marco brings Madolyn to the bar, it takes her back to the days when she used to model and have a great time with her friends in such bars. The evening she spends with Marco and the drag queens at the Hinkle Room serves as the inspiration for the Pride campaign, which is to revive the reputation of Glamorous and save it from ruin.

Marco’s friendships at the Hinkle Room become more important as he steps out into the world on his own. When his mother decides to take the job at Phoenix, she sells the house. This means that Marco will have to find his own place and learn to live without his mother. After spending a few days at Britt’s, Marco becomes roommates with Dizmal, whom he met at The Hinkle Room.

With all this in mind, it is clear that while The Hinkle Room might not be a real place, it reflects the relevance and the vibe of gay bars, which allow room for freedom and expression to the LGBTQIA community. Such places foster a person’s desire to explore their sexuality by enabling them to be themselves without inhibitions. The Hinkle Room plays the same role in ‘Glamorous,’ marking itself as an important location in the show.

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