Is The Real Housewives of Atlanta Scripted or Real?

As the name suggests, Bravo TV’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is an exciting reality show that follows several well-known and affluent housewives who have built a successful and luxurious life for themselves in Atlanta, Georgia. Since focusing on relationships and marriage is a highlight of the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, we get a sneak peek into the dating life of each star and even witness how they balance their professional and personal commitments simultaneously.

On top of it, the show sprinkles on a healthy dose of steamy romance and high-octane drama, which adds to the thrill. However, while viewers might often feel like the show reveals much more than the participants could consent to, the never-ending altercations and drama make it appear scripted. Hence, with fans now eager to know the truth, we decided to determine whether ‘RHOA’ is scripted or real.

Is The Real Housewives of Atlanta Unscripted or Fake?

Bravo TV has always touted ‘RHOA’ as an unscripted series, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. For a show to be completely authentic, it has to do away with pre-written scripts of all kinds. While it is given that pre-determined and pre-planned actions cannot be rehearsed and enacted in front of the camera, the production team is also expected to stay away from influencing the narrative of the show. Besides, the participants are expected to be themselves in front of the camera, and whatever we see on screen must be spontaneous and natural.

We are glad to report that ‘RHOA’ checks off most of these points in its drive to be as authentic as possible. For starters, the participants on the show are allowed to act on their own accord when filming, and the producers never ask them to behave in a certain way or speak a certain like. In fact, they are allowed to be themselves most of the time, and the cameras follow them into their private areas, including their bedroom and living rooms, which gives us an authentic view of their lives. This is made even more apparent by how some stars refuse to hold back and often speak their mind during production.

In addition, the cast members let go of all formalities, often the reason for the drama. On the other hand, ‘RHOA’ does not follow a specific script but instead documents the actual life of each star. This is why we witness the nitty-gritty of marriages and divorces as the camera refuses to hide even the occasional infidelity. Besides, since they started inviting the cameras into their homes, the show often features their offspring and extended families, which adds authenticity.

Over the years, a few stars have accused the show of scripting storylines, with some claiming that a few cast members were asked to orchestrate drama between themselves when filming. On the other hand, author Brian Moylan, who wrote the book ‘The Housewives: The Real Story Behind The Real Housewives’ insisted that a cast member told him about how Bravo kept a “bible,” which detailed each woman’s storyline and had predictions of the direction they might take in the future. Additionally, ‘RHOA’ cast members, Kandi Burruss and Sanya Richards-Ross, mentioned that they believe some of the women have scripted storylines on the show.

However, we would advise readers to take such allegations with a grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed. Furthermore, readers should know that TV shows are made for profit, and the network benefits massively from an increased viewer base. Thus, producers often make minor edits during post-processing, which increases the dramatic effect of the narrative. Yet, this has little to no impact on the unscripted nature of a show, and from what we can tell, ‘RHOA’ is as authentic as a reality show can be.

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