Is The Tourist on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max?

Image Credit: Ian Routledge/Two Brothers Pictures

Written and co-produced by Harry Williams and Jack Williams, ‘The Tourist’ is a mystery thriller series that stars Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, and Shalom Brune-Franklin in pivotal roles. The show focuses on a British man with amnesia who somehow ends up in the red heart of the Australian outback and is struggling to make sense of his current situation in his disoriented state.

As if struggling to remember ones’ past was not terrible enough, the protagonist finds out that he is being actively pursued by ghosts of his past which makes the search for answers even more urgent and critical. Curious to learn more about ‘The Tourist’ and why it has been garnering so much buzz since its release? Well, you have come to right the place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is The Tourist About?

When a British man finally comes to his senses, he realizes that he is being actively chased by a vast tank truck that is trying to push him to drive him off the road. However, for some strange reason, he cannot recall how he ended up in the Australian outback, and to make matters worse, he has no recollection of his past life or who he is. As the countless question makes his head spin, he then suddenly finds himself in a hospital with several injuries. Unfortunately, he is still just as clueless about his past and realizes that he must find answers soon as merciless figures with some inexplicable goal continue to pursue him.

Is The Tourist on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers will have to look for the show on some other platform since it is currently not a part of the streaming giant’s present catalog. However, we recommend our readers alternatively stream ‘Open Your Eyes.’

Is The Tourist on Hulu?

Sadly, people with Hulu’s basic subscription cannot watch the mystery thriller on the website. However, if you get a Hulu’s HBO Max add-on for $14.99/month, then you can watch all exclusive content, including ‘The Tourist.’ You can learn more about it here.

Is The Tourist on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime’s current offering does not include ‘The Tourist.’ The show is also not available for rent/purchase on the platform. Therefore, Prime subscribers can instead watch other somewhat shows like ‘Black Box.’

Is The Tourist on HBO Max?

In the United States, ‘The Tourist’ is released on March 3, 2022, as an HBO Max Original series. Therefore, people who wish to watch the show must get a subscription to the streamer. In case you are already subscribed, you can watch all the episodes here.

Where to Watch The Tourist Online?

People living in the United Kingdom can watch the Jamie Dornan-starrer on BBC iPlayer. In case you are from Australia, then you can find all the episodes on Stan.

How to Stream The Tourist for Free?

Although HBO Max no longer comes with a free trial, Stan gives subscribers a 30-day free trial, while Hulu’s HBO Max add-on gives people a 7-day time period to experience its services. So, one can use the aforementioned offers to watch the show without paying anything. However, we encourage our readers to refrain from using illegal means.

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