Is the Woman at the End of Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Bloom’s Mother? Theories

Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ follows the story of Bloom, a fire fairy who discovers that she is much more powerful than she’d imagined. The true potential of Bloom’s power is yet to be revealed as the mystery is unraveled layer by layer. Just when she thinks she has found a way to control her power, she finds out something new that she needs to get a handle on. While people like Farah Dowling and Rosalind Hale try to guide Bloom, none of them really knows what she is actually capable of.

No one else has ever come across the Dragon Flame before, and the only person who can actually tell her everything she needs to know is someone who’s possessed the flame themselves. To her surprise, Bloom discovers that the person who had the flame before her was her mother. So, when she finds out that her mother is alive and she has a way to meet her, she jumps at the chance. However, the world of ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ is full of uncertainties, and things generally don’t look like they do. What does this say about the mysterious woman that Bloom meets at the end of Season 2? Let’s find out.

Bloom’s Mysterious Encounter: Unveiling the Woman in the Darkness

Ever since she discovered that she was a changeling, Bloom had been desperate to find out about her real parents. In the first season, it was revealed that she was taken by Rosalind who left her in the care of a human couple who were not aware of Bloom’s true nature. Later, she finds out that Rosalind took her from Aster Dell. For a while, she believes that she was born there, but later, it turns out that a Blood Witch had found her. This creates further mystery around the identity of her parents, but this is just the beginning.

Things get more complicated when Sebastian tells Bloom that she was not born seventeen years ago, as she believed. She was actually born a thousand years ago and was put in stasis by her mother. This means that her parents were born a thousand years ago and had died around the same time too. This throws Bloom into despair because now she has no way to meet her parents and find out who she truly is. But hope arrives when she discovers that her mother had locked herself in the Realm of Darkness. Believing that she might still be alive there, Bloom decides to cross over too.

In her visions, Bloom had already seen the building that she comes across in the Realm of Darkness. It is there that she meets a mysterious woman who she thinks is her mom, and there is a good chance that this woman really is her mother. Even though she’d crossed over to the Realm a thousand years ago, we don’t know how time moves there. What’s a thousand years for Otherworld could just be a few decades in the Realm. Even if time doesn’t move differently here, we know that Bloom’s mother also possessed the Dragon Flame. From what we hear about her, she was one of the most powerful fairies of her time, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she knows a trick or two to keep herself alive and well for a thousand years. If so, then Bloom will finally have what she wanted, her parents as well as some answers.

Despite Bloom’s mother’s powers, we can’t help but consider the improbability of Bloom finding her mother so easily in the Realm. Moreover, this place is a whole world in itself and it only makes sense that more than one person should reside here. It could be that Bloom has simply walked into the house of a resident of the Realm of Darkness, and this person might further help her to find her mother.

Another and more terrifying possibility is that this woman is actually the Shadow in disguise. We know that Sebastian was after Bloom’s Dragon Flame and still wanted it, even though he’d already opened the door. This means that he believed the Flame might grant him some favor with the Shadow. If so, then with the Flame so close to its reach, in its own realm, there is a chance that the Shadow has disguised itself as a woman, maybe even as Bloom’s mother, to get her to trust it, so that it can catch her off guard and take her powers for itself. The true nature of the woman will only be revealed in Season 3. By then, we can only hope that it doesn’t bode any bad thing for Bloom.

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