Is Untold a Real Horror Movie? Is it on Netflix?

Image Credit: TikTok/Mr. Movie (tmi_7)

If there are three things social media has excelled in over the last decade, they are distributing content to a viral extent, increasing exposure of the nichest categories, and boosting endless creativity. It thus comes as no surprise that this has hit the traditional entertainment industry of film and television as well, as made evident by content creators such as Hannah Pistoia as well as Mr. Movie. So now, if you’re actually looking to learn more about the latter claimed scariest movie ever to watch on Netflix right at this moment — ‘Untold’ — we’ve got all the necessary detail for you.

Is Untold a Real Movie?

It was on March 24, 2023, when Mr. Movie (TikTok user @tmi_7) went viral for uploading a video talking of a Netflix original named ‘Untold’ by alleging it is arguably the scariest movie ever made. He even teased us with a poster of the production, featuring a ghost-like character at the center and text clarifying it is not only based on a “horrifying true story” but also premiered on March 7. The poster even had a website link, yet it does not work in any way, shape, or form, making the entire project look all the more ominous since some believed it could be for the sake of marketing.

The fact Mr. Movie then asserted he had an algorithm report by the streamer specifying “96% of all accounts turned the movie off at exactly 9 minutes and 45 seconds” just raised further intrigue. He concluded, “Now, I watched the movie past 9 minutes and 45 seconds, but almost everybody I told about this movie had to shut it off right there” — so yes, a mere 4% were able to complete it. However, at no point before essentially declaring ‘Untold’ a must-see did he explain its synopsis, the reason it is a pure horror watch, or what makes it a great addition to the genre and to Netflix.

Image Credit: TikTok/Mr. Movie (tmi_7)

Hence, of course, thousands of film buffs rushed to the streaming service to experience ‘Untold’ in every bit of its supposed glory, only to be disappointed when they couldn’t find it anywhere. While one fan commented on Mr. Movie’s post that they “can’t find it. ugh, really wanted to see if I could make it through the whole thing,” another openly mulled, “Can never find any of the movies you talk about 🤔.”

Well, that’s because ‘Untold’ does not actually exist; it is a fictitious piece of work Mr. Movie carefully “promoted” while the theme of ‘Halloween’ played in the background simply to entice horror/mystery fans. In fact, the sole film to be added to Netflix’s roster on March 7, 2023, was the Brad Pitt starring 2013 horror-action ‘World War Z,’ a production worlds apart from whatever the former could ever be.

Coming to the official “algorithm report” Mr. Movie claimed to have in hand, if you really pay attention to it in the short video, you’ll notice it is nothing but a random document from a local cat clinic. So as always, with ‘Untold’ being fake too, it must be reiterated you can not believe everything you come across on the internet, especially as much of it is just for creative purposes rather than real or factual.

As for the several commentators to have declared they found and watched the film, they’re simply trying to get in with the quip upon having deemed the rollercoaster of emotions behind it quite fun. One person even went as far as to add a character/some suspense by penning, “I made it to 11 minutes, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to sleep tonight ! What they did to little Timmy 😳😳😳,” whereas another jested, “[Untold] is about a movie that doesn’t really exist and everyone who is looking for it becomes crazy and murderous.”

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