Is William Lindsey Dead or Alive?

William Lindsey’s gentlemanly behavior belied the fact that he was harboring a dark secret on the inside. The former construction worker killed multiple women over the course of more than a decade before the authorities arrested him. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: I Hate Being Daddy’s Girl’ touches upon William’s married life and how the police finally caught him. So, let’s find out what happened to him then, shall we?

Who Was William Darrell Lindsey?

William was born in 1935 and was adopted by the Lindsey family after his parents died in a car crash. He married Willa Jean, his first wife, in his twenties, and together they had five children. According to the show, the couple did not get along at all, leading to a divorce. After that, William had full custody of all the children. Later, he went on to marry Annie Laurie Langley and adopted her two sons as well. For everyone on the outside looking in, William seemed to have a great family. But the death of a woman in December 1996 precipitated the events that led to William’s secrets being uncovered.

Lucy Raymer was murdered in Asheville, North Carolina. She suffered a blow to the head. The police arrested William, then 61 years old, for the murder. Once he was arrested, the authorities in St. Augustine, Florida, noticed a similar pattern in some of the unsolved cases they had. William used to live in Florida before he moved to North Carolina. He was also known to travel between the two states regularly since the early 1980s.

After William was arrested, he told the police about the other murders that he committed. In all, the police were able to link him to seven other murders. The women were either prostitutes or drug users. Of the seven victims, five bodies were found. William told the police that he dumped the body of Diana Richardson, who disappeared in October 1995, in an alligator-infested pit in St. Augustine. His other victims were: Lisa Foley, Anita Stevens, Constance Terrell, Lashawna Streeter, Donetha Snead, and Cheryl Lucas.

How Did William Darrell Lindsey Die?

The authorities stated that William was sorry for the killings. A sheriff said, “He did express to me that he was very remorseful, and after he was caught, he wanted to let the families know his remorse and also to clear all the cases he was involved in.” According to the show, William was convicted of four of the murders. In a plea deal, he received 30 years in prison. The show added that William was diagnosed with cancer and died from it in 2001 while still behind bars. The authorities believed at the time of his arrest that he have killed many more and in other states such as Tennessee and Virginia.

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