Isaiah Tuck: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

Image Credit: History

Season 11 of History’s ‘Alone’ featured 10 survivors heading into the unforgiving conditions of the Arctic Circle, the northernmost battleground of the series. The challengers braved starvation, freezing temperatures, large wildlife, and utter isolation. Building shelters, lighting fires, foraging, and hunting their own food, each survivor attempts to be the last man (or woman) standing to claim the prize of half a million dollars. Among the hardened trappers and survivalists, Isaiah Tuck stood out as a man with military training and a job that had him spending most of his time in the woods. His optimistic outlook, dedication, and level-headed nature saw him make waves on the show and leave an impact on those watching.

Isaiah Tuck is Grateful For the Experience in the Wilderness

As he stepped into the year 2024 after surviving the brutal landscape of the Arctic Circle, the first few things Isaiah Tuck probably did was unwind and spend time with his loved ones. Expressing his gratitude for the surreal journey in the wild, he wrote, “I am grateful. I am blessed. I am the luckiest guy in the world. This still doesn’t even seem real!” However, it seems like the Ghent, West Virginia, resident didn’t really get all the rest he had hoped for as in April, the people in the area had to brace for some challenges posed due to the unpredictable weather in the region. As a man who never hesitates to help his community, Isaiah shared details about some professionals who can help those stranded or affected by the situation. He also went for a ride in his dear departed father-in-law’s jeep in the rainy weather, missing the times he had spent with him.

Isaiah Tuck Serves as a Force Support Officer of the WV National Guard

Captain Isaiah Andrew Tuck is a proud member of the West Virginia National Guard and a Game Warden for the state. His career is a reflection of his passion for serving others and his love for nature. He works in the services with a desire to help those around him. Isaiah’s life is a blend of professional dedication and a profound love for the outdoors, deeply influenced by his small-town upbringing in Rainelle, West Virginia. Isaiah’s father, Franklin Tuck, a Navy veteran, is one of the reasons he developed a passion for the uniformed services.

Image Credit: Isaiah Tuck/Facebook

As a West Virginia Natural Resources Police Officer, the ‘Alone’ survivor spends his days as a Game Warden, a role that keeps him connected to the woods and engaged in their preservation. His job involves enforcing wildlife laws, educating the public about conservation, and protecting the natural habitats of his beloved state. This career not only fulfills his desire to serve but also continually sharpens his skills in wildlife tracking, navigation, and survival techniques, all of which served as an invaluable part of his repertoire in navigating the brutal challenges of ‘Alone.’

Beyond his work as a Game Warden, Isaiah serves in the West Virginia Air National Guard (WV ANG) on the Fatality Search and Recovery Team (FSRT). Over his decade-long service, he has taken on various roles, starting in Aircrew Flight Equipment and moving through the Equal Opportunity Office, Wing Executive Officer, and Chief of Protocol. Now, as a Force Support Officer, he is responsible for responding to any mass casualty events and recovering any survivors or bodies they find.

Isaiah has been praised as a model officer by the WV ANG and has even been featured on their Airmen Spotlight, recognised for his qualities. “Tuck brings a positive attitude and a commitment to serving his state and country,” reads the spotlight. “He treasures moments of travel and family support throughout his career. Isaiah encourages others to consider the Guard early in life, highlighting its transformative impact and supportive community.”

Isaiah Tuck is a Family Man Through and Through

Though Isaiah Tuck has always been a devoted father and husband, spending several ruthless nights and days in the chilly wilderness while he was on ‘Alone’ has made him cherish his time with his family the most. As the “luckiest guy in the world,” his ultimate goal in life is to create a loving and joyful environment for his family, especially his daughter, Caroline. He often takes her for a stroll through the forest, encouraging interaction with a rich natural environment. He treasures his 2-year-old daughter as a miracle from God, as she was conceived through IVF after a number of unfortunate miscarriages. Often referring to her as his “best friend” he never misses a chance to make fun memories with the apple of his eyes.

Isaiah has a loving relationship with his wife, Jessica Tuck, whom he married on July 30, 2016. She serves as a consultant at Rodan + Fields, a premium skin and hair care brand. Though they have been married for about eight years now, the love and bond they share still remain fresh. His affection for Jessica is evident in the random appreciation posts he shares, with adorable captions expressing his gratitude to and for her. In one post from August 2023, right before he left for his escapades north of the Arctic Circle, he wrote, “Not a birthday or anniversary. Just because she’s incredible. Jessica Tuck, you’ll always be my everything. All I need is you. Anything more is just extra. Love you.”

Isaiah’s little family is not complete without their adorable dog named Cass, who keeps making appearances on his social media platform. The survivalist also shares a close-knit relationship with his father, Franklin — who is the President of a non-profit evangelism charity named Baca Valley Ministries — and Leonora Cruz Tuck, Isaiah’s mother. From what we can tell, the ‘Alone’ survivor is on great terms with his sibling, an elder sister, Maryanne Tuck Grimmett, who runs her own pottery business.

For the uninitiated, Isaiah was the youngest of not two but three siblings. He had an older brother, Josh, who took care of him in his early days. He is the only one Isaiah ever went camping with. Unfortunately, Josh was killed on May 8, 2017, when 53-year-old Tammy Logan reportedly lost control of her vehicle going on northbound lanes and crossed into the southbound lanes, hitting Josh’s SUV head-on. The hat Isaiah wears on the show is the one Josh gifted him during a difficult time in his life. In fact, he treated his adventures as an “an extended camping trip with” his big brother. As he carries it with him almost everywhere, Isaiah knows that he is never alone.

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