Israel Keyes’ Ransom Photo of Samantha Koenig

Israel Keyes was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Samantha Koenig, in 2012. Koenig was kidnapped from her workplace, after which she was sexually assaulted and murdered the next day. Keyes then went on a cruise trip with his family in New Orleans. However, this was nowhere near the end of what was yet to happen. [The image below may be disturbing. Reader discretion advised]

Israel Keyes killed himself in jail, even before his case could be trailed in court. The pages of notes that were found next to his bed contained ‘An Ode to Murder,’ parts of which went like this:“Your face framed in dark curls like a portrait, the sun shone through highlights of red. What color I wonder, and how straight will it turn plastered back with the sweat of your blood.”

Samantha Koenig Ransom Photo

Keyes spilled the details of his deeds when he was interrogated after his arrest. He took his own time in opening up about his involvement in various crimes. He also said that he had no remorse for any of the crimes he committed, as he was simply doing what he wanted to do.

After Keyes returned from his trip, he retrieved Koenig’s body, which was kept frozen until then. He then arranged and groomed the body to make it seem like she was still alive. He sewed her eyes open, sat her up, and took a polaroid picture of her with a copy of the Anchorage Daily Newspaper dated four days ago.


He then sent this picture to Koenig’s family to seek a sum of $30,000, which was required to be put into her account. Keyes had already taken possession of her debit card by then. The family did as was asked. This then played a part in how the investigators were able to track Keyes’ movements through the card, which eventually led to his arrest. He had used the debit card to make transactions all over the Southwest.

It was even reported that he sipped wine and told Koenig what he was going to do to her before he actually raped and killed her. Such gruesome details are what led to him being labeled as a ‘cold-blooded serial killer’ with absolutely no remorse. His psychological evaluation also revealed that his intelligence bordered from average to high and that he did not have any mental health issues. He was a completely functional person living in the society with a family, which made this crime all the more akin to a horror story. (Feature Image Credit: CBS News)

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