Jack Hoschouer: Robert Hanssen’s Friend is Now Based in Minnesota

When Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested back in February 2001 for having consistently engaged in espionage for over two decades (1979-2001), the entire nation was left shaken to its very core. That’s because, as explored in ‘FBI True: Hunting Graysuit: America’s Deadly Traitor,’ this agent was not just a secret spy for the Soviets but also a deviant that went as far as to betray his own wife. He actually did so by secretly exposing his bedroom activities with her to a friend, Jack Hoschouer — yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the latter alone, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Jack Hoschouer?

It was reportedly around the late 1950s when Jack first came across Robert while they both attended William Howard Taft High School in Chicago, Illinois, only for them to soon form a unique bond. This really went to such an extent that even though they subsequently pursued drastically different paths in life, they were able to maintain such a close friendship it broke all possible thresholds. While the former studied languages as well as political science at St. Olaf College and the University of Hawaii before joining the US Army, the latter eventually evolved into an FBI Special Agent.

It turns out Jack was arguably Robert’s sole friend, so he alone was allowed to witness the Hanssens’ sexual activities in secret whenever he visited their family home in suburban Vienna, Virginia. According to the CBS original episode, apart from telling the former precisely where to stand outside to get a good view of their bed, the agent even set up a hidden camera inside their master bedroom. This was closed-circuit so that the Army official could sit in the comfort of the couple’s den while watching them in real-time — Bonnie Hanssen apparently knew nothing of this until her husband’s arrest.

Nevertheless, as per records, Jack was never once criminally indicted in this matter despite the sheer invasion of Bonnie’s privacy owing to there being no evidence and no distribution of said videos. He was thus inadvertently also able to have a long career within the Army — he witnessed everything from the Vietnam War to the Cold War to the Gulf War firsthand before trying to move on for good. Then came his decision to become a Defense Industry executive plus President of his own firm, jdHosch Associates, prior to landing the post of German Adjunct Professor at Minnesota State University.

Where is Jack Hoschouer Now?

From what we can tell, Jack continues to reside in Northfield, Minnesota, to this day, where he’s not just surrounded by a loving family of his own but also supportive friends as well as former coworkers. We say former because it appears as if this 79-year-old has since retired for good owing to his age plus health concerns such as his arthritis in both knees and a stroke despite his overall fitness. The truth is his physical health is arguably the most significant aspect we need to mention considering he evolved into an athlete as an adult; it appears as if, despite everything, he regularly and vigorously bikes.

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