Jack Ryan Season 4 Finale Recap: Who is the Mole in the Government?

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The fourth season of Prime Video’s spy thriller, ‘Jack Ryan’ ends with a bang as the titular character goes through one challenge after another to ensure the safety of his country and the people he loves. All the secrets are revealed in these episodes with shocking twists that make Ryan reconsider his work as a CIA agent and his power over events like these. He almost dies trying to get the truth out, but his actions only build upon his image as the hero who saves the day. The ending of the series hints at something more for the character. Here’s what happens to the villains and what the future holds for Jack Ryan. SPOILERS AHEAD

Jack Ryan Season 4 Episode 5, 6 Recap

After the mission in Croatia, Jack, Chavez, and Mike go to Myanmar. They’d received the coordinates from the code words in the same pattern Miller and his conspirators used. Mike is sent to make contact with Chao Fah at the Wukong casino. Chao Fah reveals there are many other devices like the one they found in Croatia. To destroy them, they will have to make their way into the casino’s vaults. He will help them with it, but no one should suspect his involvement.

Image Credit: Attila Szvacsek/Prime Video

Unbeknownst to Jack, Cathy arrives in Myanmar at the behest of Zeyara Lemos. Cathy thought she was assisting in charity work that would help the people in Myanmar. However, Zeyara never cared about any of that. When she found out that Jack Ryan was working to shut down Pluto, she decided to have the upper hand on him when the time came. For this, she lured Cathy into her orbit. So, just when Jack is ready to target the vault, he will be distracted by Cathy.

Chao Fah knows Zeyara’s plans, and he knows Jack will abandon the plan to save Cathy. So, he tells him beforehand. Chao Fah assures him that Cathy will be alive as long as Jack is alive because she is the leverage. Zeyara will not kill her until she’s sure Jack is dead too. However, Jack is not satisfied with it and comes up with a plan where he and Chavez go to the vault while Mike goes to find and rescue Cathy.

Once they have destroyed all the devices, Chao Fah takes them to his house to get his wife and daughter. By now, Tin Tun has figured out Chao Fah’s plan, so he kills him. However, his family is saved, and Chao Fah tells Jack that the rest of the information about Pluto is with his wife and daughter. Cathy and Chao Fah’s family are rescued, but Jack, Mike, and Chavez are left behind. Meanwhile, Greer locates Will Tutton.

Jack Ryan Season 4 Finale Ending: Who is the Mole in the Government?

When Jack discovered the existence of programs like Pluto, he realized that these things couldn’t have happened without the involvement of someone high up the ladder in the government. Only some in the government could have the power to execute a plan like Pluto. The chain begins with Thomas Miller, and later, Jack discovers that Zeyara Lemos, known for charity work throughout the world, is the orchestrator of the whole plan. But that is not the end of it.

While Zeyara was resourceful, she didn’t have the power to influence the CIA’s former director by herself. This is where Ade Osoji came in. He provided the shell companies that allowed Miller to make the money flow for programs like Pluto. Osoji also hired Will Tutton to do the dirty work required for the plan’s success. Still, Osoji wasn’t in the government and wouldn’t have the power and resources to pull off certain things.

It is when Ryan is trying to stop the shipment of cars carrying bombs through the border that Wright finds out the identity of the mole in the government. The shipment was greenlit at the last moment, which allowed it to be sent forward without going through the due process. The paper for its authorization was signed by Senator Henshaw, the chief of the Committee that was pushing Wright and Ryan to stop corrupt practices in the CIA.

In the next hearing of the Committee, Ryan exposes Henshaw. The senator sided with the criminals because they helped him during his last campaign and would have done so for his next campaign. Ryan wonders if Henshaw knew what Zeyara Lemos was trying to do with Pluto, the convergence of the Triad and the cartel, and how it could harm America. In any case, he has publicly proved Henshaw’s guilt, closing the book on his last mission.

What Happens to Ade Osoji?

Ade Osoji was introduced in the fourth season as an oil lobbyist keenly interested in Nigeria’s politics. He presents himself as someone Wright can trust, and his plan works until she discovers that he is the anonymous person paying for Dominic Sanderson’s medical bills and using the boy’s name to establish shell companies which Miller used to funnel the money into illegal black ops like Pluto.

When the truth comes out, Osoji asks for immunity in exchange for telling them where Jack Ryan is being held following his kidnapping in Thailand. Wright and Greer don’t know that Mike and Chavez are already working on a plan to rescue Jack. Greer advises Wright not to make the deal, but she is more concerned about Jack’s safety. By the time, Greer discovers that Jack has been rescued, Wright has already signed the immunity deal with Osoji.

While the rest of the villains pay for their actions, it looks like Osoji might walk scot-free of it. However, Wright finds another way to make him pay. She remembers him mentioning that the Mormon missionaries saved his village and helped him come to America. The Bible used to crack the codes used by Miller is the one used by Mormons. Through this, she links Osoji to Miller’s death, and he is arrested for homicide. Osoji claims that even if his guilt is proven, he will not remain in prison for too long. However, his arrest is enough for Wright, and she states that she will continue to weed out people like him one by one.

Does Jack Ryan Leave the CIA?

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After publicly exposing Senator Henshaw, Jack Ryan declares he is taking a break from the CIA. When Greer asks him how long this break will last, he doesn’t give a timeline. However, considering how close he came to dying in this mission, it makes sense if Ryan would want to spend some time with his loved ones and lead a quiet life with no danger to him or Cathy. Technically, he left the agency when he resigned from the post of the acting deputy director of the CIA.

He is not interested in returning to the agency for the foreseeable future. However, Wright tells him she’ll see him back on campus, indicating that he can return any time he wants. The show also leaves us with another possibility where it hints that Ryan might go into politics. Wright mentions that following the Committee hearing, the President will want Ryan to run for office. While he scoffs at the idea, we know he eventually becomes the President in the books. The ending suggests that his TV show version is on the same path.

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