Jackie Gayda-Haas: Where is Retired WWE Star Now?

Unrelented by attacks and ready to put herself on the offense, Jackie Gayda-Haas remains an influential wrestler in ‘WWE.’ With quick moves that attest to her agility, the wrestler consistently improved her tactics to rise through the ranks. However, despite a memorable career, Jackie was released from ‘WWE’ or World Wrestling Entertainment in 2005. Years since she first graced fans with her appearance on reality television, fans have continued to wonder more about the professional.

Jackie Gayda-Haas’ WWE Journey

The Ohio native realized her passion for wrestling quite early. To test her capacities, she enlisted in ‘Tough Enough,’ a wrestling competition and reality show. After co-winning the second season of the series, Jackie’s road to success wasn’t far. Having displayed an eclectic mix of skills in the competition, she was signed with ‘WWE’ in 2002. From displaying a qunech for victory in ‘Tough Enough,’ to fighting to win in ‘WWE,’ the television personality continued to scale her abilities. Not too long after she joined the renowned program, she ended up pushing Linda Miles, her co-winner from ‘Tough Enough,’ off the top rope.

While Jackie ended up losing the match against Ivory, it still became the springboard for her to solidify her wrestling career. Later, she competed in a match that later came to be known among fans as the infamous “Jackie Gayda match.” After failing to attempt and selling her moves too late in a tag team match against Trish Stratus and Bradshaw, Jackie was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for more training. Here, she garnered the experience to enhance her performance. When she returned to compete in the roster, she showcased just how much of a formidable opponent she could be. Initially, she was assigned to manage Rico, which set the stage for her to tea up with Charlie Haas.

It wasn’t long before Jackie and Charlie’s on-screen partnership gave way to a romance off-screen. Before long, the couple were engaged, and their characters on ‘WWE’ also absorbed this storyline. The duo ended up tying the knot in 2005. Alas, the year also brought bad news for the couple, who were ultimately released from the wrestling show in light of budget cuts. While leaving her friends and colleagues was a sad affair for the wrestler, the then 23-year-old concurred, “Certain things come and go in life, whether it be people, jobs, material objects – you name it. For me, yes, I will miss the last few years of my within the world of WWE…I want to thank each and every one of you… although, you have only seen the very beginning (of my career.)”

Jackie Gayda Prefers to Keep a Low Profile Now

Despite finding herself at the tail end of an unfavorable situation, Jackie wasn’t deterred. In addition to joining the independent wrestling circuit and working on independent promotions, she also returned to the ring once again. The television personality appeared on an episode of ‘Impact!,’ and lashed out at Jeff Jarrett. Later, she was awarded TNA’s Knockout of the Year 2005 for her appearance on the series. However, her feud on the series was cut short when she announced her pregnancy.

After a three-year hiatus, Jackie returned to appear in an episode of ‘WWE’ where she competed as part of the 25 Diva battle royal. She even competed in a fight with her then-husband, Charlie, in 2010. A year later, she became Charlie’s manager in ‘Family Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion.’ While her presence in wrestling went on to become sporadic, the television personality continued to find solace in her personal life.


Along with her then-husband, Charlie Haas, Jackie welcomed four children – Kayla, Taylor, Thomas, and Charles. However, after over 15 years of companionship, Jackie and Charlie decided to part ways. The duo filed for divorce and ultimately announced the termination of their marriage in 2020. Since their separation, Jackie has continued to maintain a low profile. Seldomly, the former wrestler does take to her Instagram to post pictures of her children. Most recently, she appeared on Wrestle Con and graced fans with her presence. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that Jackie Gayda remains on the path of professional and personal growth.

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