Jaclyn and Ryan: Have the MAFS Stars Called it Quits?

Love, drama, and unexpected twists – the reality TV world witnessed it all when Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone embarked on their journey as a married couple in season 2 of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight.’ In the whirlwind of reality TV romance, few tales are as intriguing and dramatic as the love story of Jaclyn and Ryan. The duo, who initially seemed destined for a happily-ever-after, took viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from awkward beginnings to surprising twists and turns. Despite a shaky start and a rollercoaster of emotions, the couple managed to stay together on the show.

Jaclyn and Ryan Felt They Were Mismatched on the Show

From the very inception of their unconventional union, Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone found themselves navigating the rocky terrain of mismatched expectations. A collision of hearts with conflicting desires sets the stage for an uncertain relationship. Jaclyn openly confessed to the lack of a compelling attraction to Ryan, a revelation that casts an early shadow over their budding connection. In stark contrast, Ryan, blinded by infatuation, envisioned Jaclyn as the epitome of a life partner. Viewers became unwitting spectators to the unpredictable drama that unfolded between this mismatched couple. Ryan, in his relentless pursuit of conjugal bliss, transformed into a spouse seemingly impossible to satisfy.

Despite his earnest attempts to kindle the flames of romance, Jaclyn had her reservations, and an initial lack of physical attraction, which unceremoniously relegated Ryan to the much-dreaded friend zone. The ups and downs of their relationship played out onscreen, offering an intimate glimpse into the complexities of love and the challenges faced by two individuals thrust into a marital experiment. Ryan, fueled by genuine affection, struggled against the currents of Jaclyn’s reservations, while she grappled with the undeniable truth of her initial attraction. Jaclyn’s admission of finding Ryan unattractive at the outset painted a vivid picture of the uphill battle the couple faced.

Jaclyn and Ryan Have Moved On in Different Directions

During the season 2 reunion, Jaclyn Methuen revealed that she felt a lack of affection from Ryan Ranellone, sparking doubts about their future together. In a surprising turn of events, Jaclyn disclosed that she had contemplated asking for a divorce on Decision Day but was swayed by Ryan’s pleas for another chance. Unfortunately, it seemed that Ryan’s efforts were not sustained outside the cameras, as he admitted to not putting in tremendous effort to make the marriage work. Despite the experts’ intervention and a try to convince the duo to a  dinner date aimed at salvaging their relationship, Jaclyn and Ryan’s attempts to rekindle their romance yielded no tangible results.

As the ‘MAFS’ chapter closed for Jaclyn and Ryan, life took them on divergent paths. Ryan, determined to move forward, redirected his focus to the world of real estate, becoming the Long Island Real Estate Advisor associated with The Ranellone Team. Professionally, he found success, but it was on the personal front where the surprise awaited. In a surprising twist of fate, Ryan has found love anew and got engaged to Jesse in August 2022. The joyous news was shared with the world through the lens of Ryan’s niece, Kayla, who posted heartwarming pictures of the blissful couple. It seems that Ryan has not only embraced a new career path but has also embarked on a journey of rediscovering love and commitment.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn was charting her course to happiness. The end of her ‘MAFS’ experience marked the beginning of a dream life, away from the tumultuous romance with Ryan. In 2017, Jaclyn found love outside reality TV, meeting her new boyfriend on the Bumble dating app. Jaclyn has also continued her work for Tito’s Vodka. In August 2019, Jaclyn dropped a bombshell—she and her new long-term boyfriend were expecting their first child. The couple got engaged not only the same year but also the very next day of announcing her pregnancy. The couple welcomed their first baby, a daughter whom they named Alaina Rose, in November 2019, marking a new chapter of joy and fulfillment in Jaclyn’s life.

The family expanded further as the couple shared the happy news of the birth of their second baby, a boy, in January 2022. They named him Antonio Paul. The happy family proves that Jaclyn has truly found her happily ever after outside the confines of reality TV. The tale of Jaclyn and Ryan serves as a compelling journey of love, resilience, and twists. From the initial sparks that failed to ignite a flame to the heartbreaking decision to part ways, the duo faced the challenges of post-show life with courage and determination. As they each pursue new paths, their stories unfold in unpredictable ways, leaving viewers captivated by the unpredictable nature of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

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