Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley: Has The MAFS Pair Separated?

In Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ season 6, the sparks flew and the flames of love danced precariously between Jaclyn Schwartzberg, then a 29-year-old technical sales representative, and Ryan Buckley, a dashing firefighter making his reality TV debut. The stage was set, the vows exchanged, and the rollercoaster of emotions began. Fast forward to the present, the burning question emerges – have Jaclyn and Ryan stood the test of time post-‘Married at First Sight’? As the curtain fell on the intense drama of season 6, fans remained on the edge of their seats, awaiting the sequel to this tale of love, resilience, and the unpredictable dance of emotions.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley Had Clashing Lifestyles

From the outset, Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley were the darlings of the fans. Their journey into the uncharted territory of arranged matrimony unfolded against differing lifestyles. Jaclyn, a self-proclaimed homebody, found herself yoked to Ryan, a social butterfly yearning for a more vibrant social life. The clash of their worlds set the stage for a riveting exploration of love in its most unfiltered form. Despite their lifestyle disparities, they shared similar relationship goals, a common ground that served as the initial glue binding them together. Early signs of their compatibility, including consummation of marriage on the first day, hinted at an underlying intimacy that later became both a strength and a source of contention.

The pair’s affectionate nature stood as a testament to the potential blossoming within the confines of their unconventional union. However, as the cameras continued to roll, the cracks in their connection began to surface. Arguments became a recurring theme, with Ryan acknowledging, “We have to be on the same page, and sometimes I feel like we are missing each other.” The clash of their differing communication styles added a layer of complexity to their journey, with Jaclyn feeling unheard and Ryan occasionally veering into the territory of excessive talking. Amidst the normal hurdles faced by newlyweds, an especially arduous obstacle loomed for Jaclyn and Ryan – the passing of Jaclyn’s ex-boyfriend.

The weight of grief hung heavy in the air as Jaclyn grappled with the loss, a loss that had occurred shortly before she took the plunge into ‘Married at First Sight.’ Sensing the unresolved pain within his wife, Ryan expressed concern about their marriage’s impact. “I got married at first sight to find love and to find that person that I am always going to be with, and more than anything, I want to stay married. But the rest of my life is at risk,” he confided to his parents. Decision Day, the moment of truth in every ‘MAFS’ journey, arrived with uncertainties lingering in the air. Despite the challenges and the shadows of doubt, Jaclyn and Ryan made a choice – they chose to stay in their marriage.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley are Not Together Anymore

The aftermath of the once-promising union of Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley crumbled and left fans on the edge of their seats as they witnessed the unraveling of a love story that had captivated hearts during their reality TV journey. Approximately 10 months after the cameras had captured their heartfelt commitment on Decision Day, Jaclyn and Ryan found themselves navigating the challenging waters of divorce. The once-wedded bliss had given way to a realization that their paths were no longer destined to intertwine.

Despite the dissolution of their marital vows, the former couple opted for an amicable separation, choosing happiness and health as the guiding principles for their new chapter. She took to Instagram to share the news with her legion of followers. Jaclyn laid bare the reality of their split and stated, “We have split, and trust me we are both much happier and healthier this way. Thank you so much for all the love and support.” Her words resonated with authenticity and hinted at a newfound sense of liberation.

The Instagram post served as a digital canvas for Jaclyn to paint the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, a chapter that would redefine her understanding of love and self-growth. In a tweet, Jaclyn further emphasized the liberation and happiness that accompanied their decision to part ways. Despite the undeniable disappointment of fans who had hoped for a lasting ‘MAFS’ love story, Jaclyn’s acknowledgment that “we all deserve a good love story” became a rallying cry for those navigating the complexities of relationships.

As the curtains closed on her married life with Ryan, Jaclyn embarked on a journey back to her roots, returning to Arizona. However, the story did not end with a period but rather with a comma, signaling the beginning of a new chapter. Enter Dane Olah, the man who became Jaclyn’s beacon of hope for a long and joyous marriage. The first signs of their budding romance surfaced on social media in November 2018 when Jaclyn shared a photo with her then-boyfriend, Dane Olah. The journey took a delightful twist in May 2019 when Jaclyn announced her engagement to Dane, solidifying her belief in love after the storm of divorce. In September 2020, Jaclyn and Dane exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new, promising chapter. The couple’s love story blossomed further with the arrival of their daughter, Emilia, in June 2022.

Jaclyn, once a participant in the rollercoaster of the show, now shares heartwarming family anecdotes. As for Ryan, life post-divorce took a path less illuminated by the spotlight. While his journey may not unfold on the public stage, Ryan has embraced personal and professional growth. In addition to his role as a firefighter, he has ventured into real estate investment, listing himself as part of Buckley Capital LLC. Maintaining a veil of privacy around his life, Ryan’s associations with Droogs Frankfurt am MAIN Paintball and participation in Attitash Green Sanctuary, with a mission rooted in an eco-friendly end-of-life service. While Jaclyn has found a new beginning in the warmth of family life, Ryan has pursued a path of self-discovery and diverse engagements.

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