Where is Jade Cline From Teen Mom 2 Now?  

Jade Cline became an overnight reality TV star in 2019 when she replaced the controversy queen, Jenelle Evans, on MTV’s famous show “Teen Mom 2”. Jade had already been a part of the TM franchise as one of the cast members on “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant”. Her fellow member, Kailyn Lowry, had advised her to steer clear of the “drama” and Jade seems to have taken her words seriously. Expect for a few aggressive arguments with her partner, Sean Austin, her fans do not ever see her acting irrationally. But is she married to the baby-daddy? Here’s what we know.

Jade Cline: Teen Mom 2 Journey 

Jade was pregnant with her boyfriend, Sean Austin’s daughter Kloie Kenna Austin and the couple welcomed her on September 18, 2017. The major part of Jade’s life has been filmed, from her unconventional pregnancy to her delivery. Sean has always been by her side, supporting her and taking care of her to his best capacity. But the couple has had some serious blowout fights during their 4 years long, on-again, off-again relationship. 

After almost a year of bickering and cute, little gestures of love, Sean knew it in his heart that Jade was “the one” for him. He explicitly said that he did not want anyone else in his life. Expressing his romantic feelings by going down on one knee, he proposed to the mother of his child in the sweetest way imaginable and she immediately said Yes! The two ended the evening by discussing their plans for marriage. 

But it was only a short episode of happiness for the otherwise unpleasant chapters in Jade’s life. Towards the end of the season, Jane and Sean are ordered to be evicted from the house because of their failure to pay the remaining rent. This was the same place where the famous American docuseries was being filmed.

Where is Jade Cline Now? Is She Married?

No. Jade is neither married nor dating Sean or anyone else at the moment. They have been amicably co-parenting their daughter. The ‘Teen Mom’ has completely dedicated her time to raise Kloie in a better environment than she had while growing up. Her parents were addicts and were frequently seen going in and out of jails. Jade gets petrified to learn about her boyfriend making this horrendous mistake. She leaves him after he is tested positive for abusing drugs, particularly heroin.

The couple officially announced their decision to part ways in February 2019. But Jade cannot bring herself to give up on her boyfriend so easily. She can still see some potential in Sean to be a great father and an even better partner. Thus she helps him through rehabilitation and cannot contain her happiness when he comes out clean. She even expresses her desire to adopt another child. They recently opened a traveling Disc Jockey business together in June 2020. 


But things seem to have gone downhill again as all the adoring posts have been deleted from Jade’s account. The two are back to their cold treatment of each other. It is really hard to say anything concrete about her and Sean yet one thing is for sure: they have been desperately trying to make this work for their daughter and her happiness. May Fate bring them together soon!


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