Jade and Matt: Is the Owning Manhattan Couple Still Together?

While Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ focuses on the professional lives of the real estate agents at SERHANT, some stars were also impacted by their personal lives. Jade Shenker, an agent specializing in commercial listings, shared various aspects of her marriage with Matthew Denham and her friends, which were all captured on camera. Having been together for many years, Jade and Matt experienced some tumultuous times, raising questions about the longevity of their marriage.

Jade Told Her Friends About Her Husband’s Infidelity

Jade Shenker and Matthew Denham were seen together on screen at one of the commercial buildings Jade was launching. Matt stood by her side, meeting all her friends, and everything seemed very normal between them. However, a few hours later, when Jade’s close friends gathered at her house, they sensed something was amiss. They asked her if anything was wrong, noting that Matt wasn’t behaving as usual. This prompted Jade to start sharing that they had been having some troubles.

Jade revealed that she discovered Matt had been cheating on her multiple times, which was devastating and left her deeply distressed. She focused on her work and herself to cope with the situation, seeking professional help to make sense of everything. She felt like her life was falling apart, and everything she had worked towards was breaking down. Throughout much of the series, she was seen trying to work things out between her and Matt, striving to understand why it had happened.

Jade and Matt are Getting Divorced

Jade Shenker has initiated divorce proceedings with Matthew Denham, and they are currently finalizing it. In February 2024, she relocated from their shared home in the Hamptons to the Upper West Side. Jade has openly shared that navigating this period has been a learning experience and far from easy, but she is committed to doing her best every step of the way. The couple is keeping a low profile in public, likely as they work through the many challenges they face. They will undoubtedly take the time needed to understand their new dynamic and determine how to manage it moving forward.

Matt and Jade continue to follow each other on social media but have chosen not to engage publicly online. Matt, known for his private nature, has not made any statements regarding their breakup. In contrast, Jade has been open about her journey of recovery. She transformed her wedding dress into a new attire for the ‘Owning Manhattan’ premiere, showing her readiness to put that chapter of her life behind her. Initially expecting it to be painful, Jade found meaning in refurbishing the dress, which has shifted her perspective. Matt and Jade are focused on building their independent lives and appear occupied with moving forward individually.

Jade Has Picked up Some New Hobbies

Jade has remained dedicated to her career at SERHANT and has seen significant progress. In January 2024, she achieved the second-highest sales volume, a noteworthy accomplishment reflecting her hard work and skill. As a top “30 under 30” real estate advisor, she has also become the youngest member appointed to the Real Estate Planning & Zoning Committee. With a portfolio of over $500 million in luxury assets, Jade has established herself as a talented and influential presence in the industry. SERHANT has given her the opportunity to start her own entrepreneurship project, SERHANT Commercial, which would exclusively be dealing in commercial listings, and it is going to be launched very soon. Her achievements underscore her rising stature and impact in the real estate market.

Jade’s expertise in the field has garnered recognition, leading to appearances on popular podcasts like ‘Crexi’ and ‘Self Starters Podcast with Steve Clair.’ Outside of her professional achievements, she has been embracing solo outings on weekends, finding fulfillment in enjoying her company. Supported by steadfast friends, Jade attributes their support to helping her transition smoothly through this period.

Exploring new interests, such as rediscovering tennis—a sport she hasn’t played since childhood—reflects her commitment to personal growth and reinvention. Additionally, dancing at Dan Lai’s Studio has become a regular source of joy and self-expression for her. Through these activities and her dedicated work, Jade maintains a balanced and thriving life despite facing challenges.

Matt is Currently Focusing on His Business

Matt Denham has cultivated a successful career with a diverse educational background and professional journey. A graduate of Monash University, he studied Commerce, Economics, and Business Management before spending nearly eight years in Australia until 2015. Upon relocating to New York, he transitioned into roles such as Product Director within various firms, ultimately discovering his passion for entrepreneurship.

Image Credit: Matt Denham/LinkedIn

In 2019, he co-founded Prizeout, a company focused on gaming, payments, and fintech solutions, where he currently serves as Chief Product Officer. Matt remains committed to advancing Prizeout’s mission and operations. He is firmly established in New York and has no plans for relocation in the foreseeable future. His dedication to his career underscores his focus during what may be a challenging personal time.

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