Peter and Paige Torkan: Toronto Real Estate Agents Are Proud Parents

Every single moment of Peter and Paige Torkan’s appearance in Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto’ can quite rightfully be considered a captivating one. The power couple’s prominence within the real estate industry of Toronto, Ontario, is one to be respected. The primary reason behind the love that they have been able to garner from others is the deep affection that they have for each other. It is primarily due to this bond that the two have been able to navigate many personal and professional ups and downs.

Peter and Paige Torkan’s Love Story Transcended Borders

The first time Peter and Paige Torkan met each other was about 29 years before they appeared in the Amazon Prime series. Describing the meeting as “love at first sight,” Peter confessed that he ended up proposing to Paige about six months after they first met, though they also acknowledged that Peter would not be staying in Iran. This was apparently because of the mandated service that all male citizens of the country had to go through at the age of 18.

Hence, Peter’s father arranged for him to be transported out of Iran to the Netherlands in a truck full of 50 kilograms of pistachios. Despite a few close calls, Peter was able to leave the country and make it to Canada. For Paige, the day Peter had left had been heartbreaking but also full of hope for a better future. She described that Peter had actually not even been at their official wedding. “We had to get married for the paperwork, so I’m able to immigrate to Canada,” she explained.

While talking about her wedding day, Paige confessed that while she had married Peter for her family’s happiness, she was heartbroken that he was not even there. In Canada, Peter had been working different kinds of jobs and used to earn 5 dollars per hour. Soon, he and Paige started to communicate by letters and continued to build their relationship in a manner that has withstood the test of time and adversities.

Peter and Paige started to dominate the real estate industry in Toronto and have since become some of the best-known real estate agents in the area. With strong connections, a drive to expand, and a zeal for life, the couple has often been praised for their excellent teamwork. Not only are the two known for their charming personalities, but their ethics when it comes to work and their love for their employees have helped them stand out in the crowd.

Peter and Paige Torkan Are Now Part of The Agency

Having helped Team Torkan become a prominent presence in the Toronto real estate market, Peter and Paige Torkan are thriving under the umbrella of The Agency. The international real estate brokerage is led by Mauricio Umansky, whom you might know from Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills.’ Peter is the Founder of Team Torkan and The Agency Toronto, and both he and Paige serve as Managing Partners for the company in Toronto. Paige herself holds the title of Broker of Record.

Both Peter and Paige have an impressive sales record of over $1.6 billion in luxury transactions. This has helped Peter become a part of Toronto’s top 0.5% of realtors and be among the top 5% of real estate agents within The Agency. Of course, he had often credited his success to the support he had received from his dear wife, Paige. Together, they have been working in the real estate industry for well over 18 years and are only looking forward to what is to come.

On a more personal note, Peter and Paige continue to live a blissful life together. On February 14, 2024, they actually accelerated their 30th Valentine’s Day together. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters whom they adore very much. In fact, their daughter, Rosana Torkan, has actually started to work alongside Team Torkan for staging and publicity purposes. Despite their love for their daughter, Peter and Paige have been adamant that their daughter should not receive any special treatment and that she “had to pay her dues” if she wants to be a serious part of their organization.

In turn, Rosana, who was also seen in ‘Luxe Listings Toronto,’ seems to be doing her best to make the best of the opportunities provided to her. Not only did she pull out all the stops when it came to impressing her clients, but she also expressed her happiness about being able to work alongside Team Torkan. No matter the distance between their homeland and Toronto, the Torkans hold the traditions of the Parsi culture close to their hearts. From sharing love over food to marveling over decor reminiscent of their culture, they remain appreciative of the culture that they hail from.

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