Jade Shenker: Where is the SERHANT Real Estate Agent Now?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ is a reality docuseries that acquaints us with several talented, experienced, up-and-coming, and interesting real estate agents. While it primarily puts a spotlight on Ryan Serhant and his namesake real estate agency, SERHANT, his employees also leave a mark on the show. Out of the lot, Jade Shenker and her journey throughout the show is bound to impress many viewers and make them wish to learn more about her life and her whereabouts.

Jade Shenker Was Born into a Real Estate Centric Family

Brought into the world by real estate tycoon Marc Shenker, Jade Shenker spent her childhood in Miami. Since her family was in the real estate industry, she was instilled with knowledge of the industry from a young age. In 2014, she was featured in a commercial for Ocean Mazda. After graduating high school with flying colors, she went to The Honors College at Florida International University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication in 2018. During tough times, she used to play tennis, which acted as an outlet for her stress.

Celebrating her birthday on March 4 each year, Jade turned into a spiritual and holistic individual. While she was still in college, she became a part-time Planning and Zoning Board Member at the City of Hallandale Beach from October 2016 to September 2017 before serving as a Regional Associate at Oxford Properties Group in Boston, Massachusetts. From September 2018 to August 2021, she was self-employed as an investor in Shenker Denham REI. During her stint there, she also started working for Prospect Real Estate Development Group as the Director of Operation Sales.

Jade Shenker Made a Name For Herself at SERHANT

In 2019, things blossomed in Jade Shenker’s personal life as well. After several years of dating Matt Denham, she got engaged to him in August 2019 in Malibu. The two reportedly got married later on and made their relationship official. A couple of years later, she landed a job at SERHANT as the Commercial and Investments Advisor. Jade and Matt have traveled to different exotic places across the world, including Croatia, Mexico, and the Maldives. Starting out as a beginner, she made her way to the top and earned her name as a Top 30 Under 30 Real Estate Advisor and Investor. Apart from being a commercial real estate agent for SERHANT, she also plays the role of a leader and makes the most of her abilities to think outside the box, bringing her unique ideas of selling properties to the table.

Her high-profile client list reportedly includes Grammy-nominated producers, Netflix actors, NFL athletes, Dom Perignon, LVMH brands, and fashion icons. By focusing on the commercial aspect of the properties, Jade managed to move up the ranks and become one of the top-selling real estate agents at Ryan’s firm. As she came into the industry with the experience of being an investor herself, she was able to get a better understanding of buyers’ perspectives, which she used to predict consumer behavior and negotiate better deals for the company. Around the time of shooting the Netflix show, she found out that her husband, Matt, had been cheating on her. Following the discovery, she filed for divorce.

Following Her Split With Matt, Jade Shenker is Focusing on Herself

Given her spiritual beliefs, Jade Shenker has a shaman, an inner-child therapist, and a regular therapist who counsels her when the times are rough. Apart from the success she has gained at SERHANT, Jade is also the youngest member of the Real Estate Planning & Zoning Committee. Ever since parting ways with Matt, she has been concentrating on herself as she finds enjoyment in the little things, from “walking outside to catch the subway, to running errands and ending up in the dressing room trying on everything @denise.gutman pulls for me…” Given her expertise and influence in the industry, she has also been featured on podcasts like ‘The Crexi Podcast’ and ‘Self Starters Podcast with Steve Clair.’

The young SERHANT employee has also returned to playing tennis after a long time, which helps her get rid of the stress from her personal life and stay focused on her career. Besides that, she is also a regular at Dan Lai’s Studio, where she expresses herself through dance and deals with her perfectionism. For the premiere of ‘Owning Manhattan,’ she decided to destroy her wedding dress and get it redesigned. So, just like she is known to transform buildings to sell them, she transformed that wedding dress into a dress that meant something to her and her journey with the help of her designer. Residing in NYC, she continues to be an integral part of Ryan Serhant’s team at SERHANT while finding happiness in regular life activities.

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