Jake Messinger: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

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Season 11 of ‘Alone’ took survival to the next level, challenging ten rugged contestants to endure the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle. Facing freezing temperatures, scarce food supplies, and dangerous wildlife like wolves and bears, each survivalist tapped into the depth of their resolve and resilience to outlast the others. Among the brave participants was Jake Messinger, a 42-year-old falconer from Idaho whose confidence, expertise, and story made him stand out. After the extreme trials and tribulations faced by Jake in the frigid tundra, we can’t help but take a closer look at the new journey he has been on since.

Jake Messinger Reconnected With His Roots and Made Travel Plans

Making his return to the online world after a six-month hiatus in December 2023, Jake looked to have lost substantial weight because of his time on ‘Alone.’ His recent and extreme experiences on the show seem to have made Jake even more appreciative of everyone and everything in his life. As Christmas morning arrived, the falconer admired the awe-inspiring snow-covered landscape of Fremont County, which he called home. He also seems to have become more introspective, dissecting everyday realities from a philosophical standpoint. Infused with a fresh love for life, the survivalist felt younger than he had in years.

As the sun dawned on the New Year, Jake promised to check a long-held wish off his bucket list in 2024: traveling to Africa. The following month, the father of three spent time with his children, taking his elder son to driving lessons. His philosophical musings deepened as he spent more time reading classics like ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle. The divorcee shared that he had been at the lowest point of his life a year back, and what his sister had said to him then had come true: “One moment can change everything.” That moment, along with a host of others, had seemingly come to him during his time on ‘Alone.’

May saw the falconer tapping into his survivalist skills once more, with him revealing that he had been crafting his very own American long rifle over the winter. He promised to take the sleek weapon into the woods for a hunt soon into bear territory. However, his solitary plans were interrupted by social events, and the ‘Alone’ survivor seemed happier for it, thinking about how to better be there for those around him. In the months following his return from the show, Jake seems to be taking a much-needed break from work, reconnecting with his family and pet animals while forming new connections.

Jake Messinger is Making New Friends in the Alone Community

Jake seemed to come to a life-changing realization during his contemplations and conversations. “I’ve often wondered if it is the journey or the destination that is most important,” wrote the 42-year-old in a social media post. “These thoughts were spurred while having a good conversation with a new acquaintance a few days ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.” He continued, “I’ve sometimes leaned toward the journey being most important, at other times the destination, but with experience, I’m beginning to believe that it’s not the journey, nor the destination, but the people you surround yourself with while on your journey. I wish I had figured this out sooner.”

The new acquaintance he talked about is very likely Naomi Aldwyn, the ‘Alone UK’ star who reached out to him after season 11’s contestants were announced. Excited for the season, Naomi talked about how the ‘Alone’ family was a strong community, saying, “I connected with Jake Messenger, who is on this season of ‘Alone,’ and it’s been amazing getting to know him and having a number of really beautiful phone calls with him and hearing his story and just being apart this process with him.”

Jake thanked Naomi in a heartfelt message of his own. As he reminisced about the times spent with everyone before the drop, his fellow season survivalist, Timber Cleghorn, humorously suggested that all the contestants form a tribe and happily live out their lives next to a remote river. With many of the ‘Alone’ season 11 contestants meeting one another occasionally, Jake is likely to have a reunion soon, especially with his upcoming travel plans.


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