Jamie Lockett: The Ex-Terror Suspect Lives in Auckland Today

When David Farrier embarked on the documentary about Michael Organ, he didn’t anticipate the involvement of Jamie Lockett in the bizarre unfolding story. Farrier, known for his investigative work, organized a meeting with Lockett, a prominent anti-establishment figure in New Zealand’s governance, seeking insights into Organ’s background. Lockett’s role in the story adds an interesting layer to ‘Mister Organ,’ capturing the attention of viewers as he comes to life on screen.

Who is Jamie Lockett?

Jamie Lockett’s upbringing in East Auckland was comfortable, given his father’s role as the managing director of the successful Morgan Furniture. He received education at Auckland Grammar before delving into mechanical training and later working overseas and within the family’s furniture business. With a penchant for physical fitness, Lockett ventured into Auckland’s nightlife, eventually establishing a debt collection business where his imposing figure, assertive demeanor, and commanding presence became assets. Running in parallel with Auckland’s gangs and organized crime, he expanded his roles, eventually becoming the bodyguard for property developer Mark Lyon by 2003.

In 2005, Lockett resided in the residence of John Murphy, a millionaire second-hand car dealer, located on Victoria Ave. Their public display of a Maori flag stirred controversy, with Lockett expressing his sympathy towards the Maori, stating they had faced similar challenges. There are allegations that Lockett underwent paramilitary training camps in 2007. At this point, he held the record as the most trespassed man in New Zealand, boasting 84 arrests, of which he successfully navigated 76, often confronting the police on disorder-related charges and prevailing in his self-defense.

In 2007, authorities considered employing the Terrorism Suppression Act against Lockett due to his paramilitary training and firearm possession. His lack of a coherent philosophy governing his actions and his acknowledgment of being an “anti-establishment” figure who voiced dissent allowed him to evade serious charges. When approached by Farrier for the documentary, Lockett initially hesitated but eventually agreed. He shared a story dating back to the mid-1990s when Micheal Organ operated a sex shop named Taboo in Auckland. Allegedly, Organ failed to pay rent, leading his landlord, Rene Dunner, to lock him out until the overdue rent was settled.

Rene Dunne on the yacht that Organ stole

Lockett disclosed that Organ sought revenge against his landlord, Rene Dunne, by stealing Dunne’s yacht, the Matia. Under the cover of night, Organ slipped onto the yacht and sailed away. Dunne, facing this predicament, enlisted Lockett’s help. Lockett arrived on another yacht, stealthily shut off the motor of his boat a mile away, and cruised next to Organ. Sneaking onto the boat, Lockett found Organ on the deck. He narrated grabbing Organ by the head, and knocking the phone out of his hand as he attempted to call for help. Lockett swiftly removed Organ from the yacht, holding him until the police arrived. Organ received a 3-year prison sentence for his actions. Lockett remembers Organ as a foolish man who had run away from him when they arrived at the shore and talked about him while chuckling alongside.

Where is Jamie Lockett Now?


Jamie Lockett, since his 2007 case, has maintained a relatively low public profile. Despite this, he remains a memorable figure in New Zealand’s history, with ongoing discussions about his life. Presently residing in Auckland, Lockett appears to have a family, including two daughters, Sarah and Victoria Clarke, and a son named Daniel Clarke. Proudly owning a boat, he remains politically aware and vocal, expressing his views on social media. Lockett has lived a significant life, and he continues to lead a fulfilled existence deserving of his experiences.

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