12 Best Terrorist Movies on Netflix Right Now

I believe movies with the primary theme of terrorism serve as a catharsis for most people with respect to a previously distressing situation. Now terrorism doesn’t really have a universal dictionary definition but based on common opinions, we can say that terrorism is an unlawful barbarous act that creates fear in the minds of the society. Fear may be incited upon people in various forms — it may be in the form of religion, political or personal ideologies of an individual; a deliberate psychotic act to threaten civilians and also extra-terrestrial invasion.

Terrorism cannot be confined to a particular caste or religion because no religion teaches hate. But when in the name of the ideologies of a certain group (religious or otherwise), people are brainwashed and misguided into believing a certain notion, humanity eventually suffers and the only way to overcome this is through unity. Many films try to portray motives mentioned above and some of the best out of these are now available on Netflix. So, here’s the list of really good terrorist movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

12. Black Hawk Down (2001)

‘Black Hawk Down’ is based on a non-fiction book that describes the incidents of a catastrophic mission in Somalia on the 3rd of October, 1993. The mission was to capture two Somalian warlords who were residing in the city of Mogadishu at that time. Capt. Max Steel commanded 100 U.S Army Rangers to pull off this mission. The whole situation gets chaotic when a brutal fire battle breaks out between the US Army Rangers and Special forces together against hundreds of armed Somali terrorists. All of this eventually resulted in the obliteration of two Black Hawk helicopters amidst the gunfight. The movie focuses on the struggles and the heroic acts of all the soldiers who risked their lives to get to the crashed Black Hawks to save the lives of the ones around them. The film literally brings you to tears by the end making it one of the best in its sub-genre.

11. Body of Lies (2008)

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, ‘Body of Lies’ tells the story of a United State’s Central Intelligence Agency’ s representative named Roger Feris who has been asked to keep an eye on a safe house that seems to be the roof protecting a terrorist Al Saleem. But due to lack of any concrete evidence, he is disabled from apprehending him and his allies. His plan to expose Sadiki, who is an architect, fails massively and as a consequence of this, his girlfriend gets kidnapped. He needs to choose now between his loyalty towards the US government or his responsibility towards saving his girlfriend.

10. The Hurt Locker (2008)

Who do you think has the most dangerous job in the world? Construction workers? Pilots? Truck Drivers? or maybe Mountain Guides? Every job has dangers of its own but disarming bombs is by far one of the most dangerous jobs known to man. ‘Hurt Locker’ tells the story of three men, Army Seargent Will James, Seargent JT Sanborn and Specialist Owen Elridge who are stationed at the Baghdad bomb-disposal unit. James and his unruly methods don’t gel well with Sanborn and Elridge. James, their team leader doesn’t really care about the safety of his team and that of his own, which creates potential conflicts between him and others. James’ thrill for deadly combat games puts the life of Sanborn, Elridge and the rest of the team members at risk. While Sanborn manages to keep his cool and deal with the situation in the most professional ways, Elridge struggles to deal with his insecurities and his fear of making an error that could prove fatal for him and the whole team.

9. The Kingdom (2007)

‘The Kingdom’ tells the story of Special Agent Ronald Fleury who travels to an American facility in Saudi Arabia with his team to investigate after a terrorist attack where many families and a fellow FBI agent Francis Manner were killed. Upon arriving, the agents struggle with the investigation as the Saudi Arabian authorities prove to be very very hostile and unwelcoming. But soon, Agent Ronal Fleury is introduced to the company of a local Colonel Al-Ghazi who shares similar interests and intentions. With the Colonel’s advice and knowledge about the local environment, the team tries to track down the terrorists to serve justice in the hostile kingdom they’re in.

8. General Luna (2015)

‘General Luna’ is arguably one of the finest Filipino movies to have come out in recent years. Set during the Philippine-American War, it depicts the various struggles General Antonio Luna has had to face as leader of the Philippine Revolutionary Army. He encourages the people of his country to fight back against the colonial masters who are trying to rule them and drive their rage into turning the tide of the Philippine revolution. But along the way, he is faced by enemies that pose a threat bigger than that of the invading Americans — the black sheep in his own country.

7. Free State of Jones (2016)

Dallas Buyers Club star Matthew McConaughey here plays the role of a rebellious farmer named Newton Knight who leads an army of fellow army deserters just like him and a group of women against the local Confederacy that is known to be corrupt beyond measure. As his army of defiant men and women grew so did his revolution against the Confederate Government which turned Jones County into an independent region of its own coming out to be known as the Free State of Jones.

6. Traitor (2008)

A former US Operations Officer and a devoted Muslim name Samir Horn lives in the Middle East selling explosives to Islamic Revolutionaries also known as Jihadis. After being sent to the Yemeni prison, Samir befriends Omar and they together escape the prison and move to France. They enter the US again after ages, this time with a plan to bomb 50 Greyhound buses, one from every state. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Roy Clayton investigates this international conspiracy and all the information he tries to gather somehow lead him to Samir. Will he be able to stop this gruesome act of terrorism before its too late?

5. A Wednesday (2008)

‘A Wednesday’ is a Bollywood movie that tells the story of a retiring police officer who experiences the most insane day of his entire career when he receives a phone call from a man who claims that he has planted five bombs all across Mumbai that will detonate together exactly at 6:30 in the evening. The only way he can be stopped from detonating these bombs would be by releasing four terrorists from the person who were known to have links with Al Qaeda. Will the police comply with the man’s trade-off or would they discover a hidden motto that lies buried deep somewhere?

4. First They Killed My Father (2017)

‘First They Killed My Father’ is the true story narrated by Loung Ung who gravely suffered as a child when the Khmer Rogue had invaded Cambodia. Her family belonged to the middle-class and lived peacefully when one day their lives were torn apart. They’re forced to be thrown out of the comfort of their own home and live in a primitive camp. When her father is later killed, the entire family is forced to survive as they as split from each other making every single day a struggle. By the end, only five members of the family out of nine are able to survive in the unforgettable killing fields of Cambodia.

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3. Schindler’s List (1993)

There is good in each and every one of us. Oskar Schindler’s heroics during World War II proves it. Initially known to be an arrogant, egoistic and opportunity seeking businessman who later provides shelter and refuge to more than a thousand Jews under the roof of his factory. He saves all of these Jews from getting killed in the gas chambers at the Auschwitz concentration camp. He starts this with an intention to just protect his Jewish workforce but later turns into a humanitarian and saves the lives of many innocent individuals. Liam Neeson’s honest performance as Oskar Schindler is one of the highlights of this Spielberg classic.

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2. Alone in Berlin (2016)

Otto and Anna’s only son Hans Quangel gets killed in action during World War II. Completely traumatized by the loss of their son, Otto starts scribbling down leaflets that expose the regime’s lies and slander. He secretly starts distributing these out in the public and is later joined by his wife as well. The leaflets start to gain immense popularity and soon the police start tracking down the designer of those leaflets and his whereabouts. The film has a very indie feel to it along with some brilliant acting. If you love watching true stories that revolve around the World War, then do not miss ‘Alone in Berlin’.

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1. Apocalypse Now (1979)

It’s the year 1969 and the Vietnam war is at its peak. Captain Benjamin Willard is assigned a secret mission to kill a Colonel who has gone completely Haywire and has earned the respect of a local tribe by pretending to be a demi-god of some sort. As Willard and his team make their way up the river to confront the Colonel, they face numerous obstacles and are weighed down by the mental stress and pressures of the war. And by the time he reaches a point where he’s head to head with the Colonel, he has almost become the man he was sent out to be in the beginning. ‘Apocalypse Now’ is widely regarded as the finest film about the Vietnam War and one of the greatest movies ever made.

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