10 Best Jared Leto Movies You Must See

Jared Leto is an actor who is fairly rated, although yet to discover his full potential. However, he’s been in some truly amazing pieces of film-making. In many movies, like ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ or ‘Requiem for a Dream’, are where he does an aptly supporting, yet highly powerful roles. In others, he plays major leads and drives the movie. Like ‘Mr.Nobody’. Before entering the limelight, he did a few blink-and-miss parts in some iconic movies like ‘Fight Club’ and ‘American Psycho’. However whatever the movie is, he never fails to make a mark

Although ‘Suicide Squad’ didn’t surpass expectations, his portrayal of The Joker after the iconic Hearth Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight gained the acknowledgement it deserves. His method acting made the headlines and acted as a marketing strategy for Warner Bros. He has already proved his  worth as an actor by performing wide range of roles from psychotic villain to drug addict, transgender AIDS patient to clever con-man. His spellbinding performance in Mr. Nobody is highly underrated. Amidst such stellar performances and terrific movies, let’s list down the top 10 Jared Leto movies.

10. Lonely Hearts (2006)

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Amongst a good star cast, Jared Leto plays Ray Fernandez in ‘Lonely Hearts’.  He is a simple con man who searches for lonely ladies with a bit of cash. Relationship of Ray and Martha, played by Salma Hayek is the stand-out point of the movie. Presence of John Travolta as the protagonist is an added advantage to the film. The movie is based on a true story, and is written and directed by Todd Robinson. He is the off-screen grandson of one of the characters in the movie, Buster Robinson. Despite not being highly rated, the movie deserves a better perspective. It is a definite worth watch for  the outstanding acting of Leto and Hayek and its powerful, startling moments of human brutality.

9. Highway (2002)

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Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Selma Blair are all cast in an independent movie. Probably, after the two lead actors garnered the fame, you may will look behind on this movie. And, it won’t disappoint you. ‘Highway’ is a fun, fast paced movie about two best friends exploring life, love and their friendship. Although some parts of the film do seem a bit pointless , the characters and the actors who performed them, make the film a very worthwhile viewing. It may not be the most popular of movies, but it has a cult following of its own. This film paved the way for the buddy road trip comedies that followed.

8. Suicide Squad (2016)

This might be the most unpopular movie on the list. That is understood, but here me out. ‘Suicide Squad’ is probably one of the most over-hyped movies Jared Leto or any other cast member has ever been in. However, Jared’s role was highly publicized along with the movie. And why not? After the legendary Hearth Ledger played The Joker, Jared had the huge responsibility to follow on. But keeping aside the reception and fate of the movie, there is no defying the hard work Jared has put in on the character. From his method acting to the creepy laughter, Jared did his best. Although it might be difficult for The Dark Knight cults to accept Jared in the role. Looking from a more neutral perspective, the effort of Jared deserves appreciation. And the movie does deserve a viewing.

7. Lord of War (2005)

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Nicolas Cage as Yuri Orlov is an immigrant who tries to follow his dream to get his own success and prosperity, but without academic basis, neither a professional career, he gets desperate and thinks he found the magic road to richness, dealing and selling arms under the water and the main customers were corrupt political leaders and ambitious people with no remorse and no values. Jared’s role as Cage’s brother is the emotional crux of the story and his performance ably elevates the character. Some parts are contrived, but in a fun, exciting way. Historical references are compelling. The movie is a must watch for some good performances and stylish approach.

6. The Thin Red Line (1998)

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The film is based on the book by James Jones, who also wrote From Here To Eternity, and the screenplay is written by Terrence Malick. A little over half of the film is driven by a main plot but then the last hour and 20 minutes is more of self-reflection and each main character’s perspective of the situation. The screenplay contains themes of faith, life, death, war, peace, love, sacrifice and family. Indeed, Malick’s cinema is often seen as visual poetry, and no matter what one might think of the term, Malick’s films can be appreciated very much in this mode, mindset. Who would ignore a movie with such a stellar cast and the maestro Malick at the helm of things.

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5. American Psycho (2000)

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‘American Psycho’ pulls plenty of tricks to convey its message on how thin the line between sanity and insanity really is, and there’s so much to take into account that one does not fully understands the movie in just one view. It looks something simple to be solved but it’s just the other way around. The more you see it the more you realize how shaky everything is, nothing and no one is reliable. A very good movie about the life of rich people who do nothing for their money, get bored and seek extreme sensations to get rid of boredom. The acting is great, and there are some terrific scenes. It’s well worth watching and you’ll find yourself thinking about this moving for a day or two after you’ve watched it.

4. Mr. Nobody (2009)

Jared Leto plays Nobody, Nemo Nobody. The movie is as interesting as the name, and equally complicated. It follows a vague screenplay format, with no visible chronological order of events. But the abstract brilliance of the movie is what makes it one of the most stunning experience. The intellectualism despite the complexity is a major selling point of the movie. For the first time, Jared is given a role that is the driving factor of the movie. And that is nothing but a great opportunity to announce his acting mantle. And he does it with style and panache. This movie is just a standing example of how good Jared Leto can be. His scintillating performance and great direction makes the movie a splendid viewing.

3. Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Matthew McConaghey stars as Ron Woodruff, a foul and debauched rodeo cowboy, who suddenly discovers that he is suffering from HIV/AIDS and is given 30 days to live. Unhappy with the medicine available and its effects, he decides to import foreign drugs illegally for both his own personal use, and to sell to others for profit. The man is clearly a genius, constantly finding loopholes and managing to keep the business going, saving a great number of lives. His friendship with Rayon, played by a cross-dressing Jared Leto, is the most interesting part of the film, since Woodruff is originally extremely homophobic and hates the association he gets with the gay people he is saving.

Jared kicks his range as an actor miles. His portrayal of the transgender Rayon, along with Matthews’ performance are two driving forces of the movie. The movie once again proves the worth of Jared and the things he can achieve.

2. Requiem For a Dream (2000)

Requiem for a Dream is an incredible movie about the crippling spiral of addiction. The movie remarkably captures the psychedelic warping of the mind and the hallucinogenic loss of control and its tragic aftermath. The acting is superb, Marlon Wayans is incredible and completely believable. Ellen Burstyn shows one of the most heartfelt performances. Jennifer Connelly plays a mediocre performance of the main characters, but was still so much deeper than most characters you see today. Finally there is Jared Leto. He is so talented and showcases himself perfectly in this movie.

1. Fight Club (1999)

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When Fight Club was released in 1999, it was critically panned by critics. This remains a mystery to me. Perhaps they did not understand the subtle and dark implications this film has to offer. Perhaps they did not appreciate the eerie and dark tone. Maybe it was the dark comedy that they didn’t take into account. But those are the exact reasons why it is a cult classic and remains one of my personal favorites. Fincher creates a hysterically dark yet emotionally powerful masterpiece that has very little equals.

One could go on about the fantastic, career defining performances by just about every single person in this film. Or one could go on about the brilliant and thought- provoking third act, ended beautifully by the intentionally incomplete ending, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. However, Fight Club is a love it or hate it film. It’s one that should be watched multiple times for an adequate experience, and it’s one that has been a topic of conversation for years, and perhaps will be for years to come.

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