Jasmine Block’s Kidnapping: What Happened? Where Is She Now?

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‘Dead Silent’ is a series broadcasted by Investigation Discovery from its true-crime collection. The series deals with crimes committed in locations that are desolate or far-removed from the population. It portrays the threats and risks the great outside might subject one to. The gruesome tales are depicted on-screen through various statements from authorities, experts, and at times, the victims of the crime.

In the fourth season of the series, aired in October 2020, the kidnapping of a 15-year-old was featured in the third episode. The case has gained a lot of attention from crime experts and has also been featured in ‘Dr. Phil’. We delved deeper into the facts of this case to find out the exact set of events.

What Happened to Jasmine Block?

On August 8, 2017, Jasmine Block came after spending some quality time with her neighbors. She lay on the couch to get some rest after a day of hectic activities. Her mother, Sarah Block, left the house to tend to a family emergency. Jasmine was then lured from her home in Alexandria, Minnesota by a very close acquaintance and her father’s best friend, Thomas Barker. Barker abducted Jasmine and took her to his home in Carlos.

Jasmine was bound with zip-ties and continuously threatened with weapons by her abductors. Along with his accomplice, Steven Powers, Barker tried to kill Jasmine six times; sometimes by stuffing her into a duffel bag and drowning her, sometimes by trying to hang her, and sometimes by stabbing her. Besides these unfruitful murder attempts, the two men also sexually assaulted her. Later in her statements to the police, Jasmine said that she had heard Barker’s wife and mother come to the house but they had failed to notice. It was the same with the police who had come to inquire after Thomas who had reportedly stolen a few things. She was later transported to a foreclosed home in Grant County in a duffel bag.

After 29 excruciating days, Jasmine was finally presented with an opportunity to escape when her abductors left her in their truck to get some food. After deliberating for five minutes, Jasmine realized it was her chance to escape. She ran as fast as she could and she swam across a lake to reach the house of the man who would eventually be her savior. Jasmine said that she had spotted Barker’s car pass by when she was waiting to be taken to the hospital. With her prompt notification, the police were able to chase down the car and arrest the abductors.

Where Is Jasmine Block Now?

For 29 days, Jasmine Block was subjected to continuous sexual and physical assault by her abductors, Thomas Barker and Steven Powers. When she finally managed to escape from their clutches, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her and then swam across a lake till she saw the house of Earl Melchert. Jasmine’s disappearance had left her family in despair. Her mother, Sarah was particularly worried because Jasmine’s cerebral palsy increases her vulnerability.

After the traumatic incident, Jasmine had to be hospitalized on several occasions because she developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. She continues to struggle with nightmares and as reported on April 3, 2019, she regularly visits a counselor when her anxiety and thoughts baffle her beyond the limit. Jasmine also has to rely on medical tools such as white noise CDs to reduce her anxiety and feel relaxed

Jasmine and her mother appeared on ‘Dr. Phil’ on March 19, 2019, to recount her tale of courage. In 2020, Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dead Silent’ picked up the case and depicted it in its fourth season.

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