Are Jason and Cassia From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s hit reality-documentary series ‘90 Day Fiance’ has seen many couples cross boundaries for their love. Quite literally and metaphorically in terms of age, color, caste, and creed. While some couples win us over with their genuine desire to be together, others have always planted a seed of doubt in our minds. The audience’s skepticism radar never fails to recognize the pretense of some. One such couple, Jason and Cassia, featured on season 2 of the show. With a blaring age gap of 15 years, their unconvincing story proved to be unsettling as well as upsetting. Earning a lot of backlash for their toxic behavior, the couple started their journey in love but weren’t sure if they’d be able to keep their relationship alive.

Jason and Cassia: 90 Day Fiance Journey

A 38-year-old US Army veteran, Jason lived with his father in Florida. He met the 23-year-old Brazilian beauty, Cassia, on Facebook, and they started chatting. At the time, Cassia was already in an online relationship with one of Jason’s friends. He and Jason used to go to basic training classes together. What started as an innocent friendship turned into something more.

Cassia faced some issues with her partner and broke up with him. Soon after, she began courting and wooing Hitch. She flirted with him and tried to get him to become her boyfriend. It took six months for her to win Jason over. In the initial phase of their relationship, they completely relied on social media. But, a few months later, Cassia convinced him to pay her a visit. Jason managed to secure some funds and booked a trip to Brazil. They spent some time together and realized that they were in love with each other.

Shortly later, Cassia and Jason decided to get married. Jason lived an extremely simple and frugal life. He bought clothes and other necessities from garage sales and either used them or sold them online at a profit. It was evident that he was experiencing financial troubles for quite some time. So, for him to afford Cassia’s K-1 visa was a stressful thing. But, he did manage to get it. Instead of approaching an agent, they relied on online videos and forums to learn about the paperwork. He also managed to collect some money for the visa interviews. Their efforts paid off, and Cassia came to the US, where she moved in with him and her father-in-law.

Cassia formed a good bond with her father-in-law, and he became fond of her as well. The only issue that she faced was that with Jason’s anger management issues and his frugal style of living. She also expressed her boredom towards living in Jason’s small town, Spring Hills. She also had a problem with Jason’s immature and disrespectful friends. She took up these issues with Jason, but they hardly ever reached a solution. Jason, too, was watching his back. Throughout the show, he seemed doubtful of Cassia’s real intentions and tried to take things slow. Despite the challenges, the couple considered their relationship to be real and got married within 90 days.

Are Jason and Cassia Still Together?

No! Everyone had seen it coming. The couple is no longer together. After their marriage, the couple had tried to solidify their mail-order snack business called Gifting Fun. But, it didn’t see the light of success. The couple had reportedly gotten into various arguments and fights about Jason’s standard of living and his lifestyle choices.

In 2017, the couple hit a rough patch and separated for a while. A few months later, they got back together again. In 2018, Cassia called the cops on Jason for getting physical during a fight. He was arrested on charges of domestic violence, but Cassia withdrew her statement as she didn’t want things to get ugly. Jason had denied the accusations. He filed for divorce but canceled it eventually as he had a change of heart.

The couple tried to give their marriage a second chance and work on rekindling their romance. Jason had reportedly taken Cassia to various concerts, exciting events, and partying with celebrities. He had also taken her to Melbourne for an army group retreat. But, nothing worked. Eventually, the couple filed for divorce again in September 2018, and their marriage was dissolved in October 2018.

According to sources, Cassia and Jason’s decision to quit was a mutual one. So, they were still friends and had respect for each other. This is the reason why Jason let Cassia stay in his house even after divorce. Cassia needed a place to stay as she was pursuing a college degree, and Jason helped her out. She eventually moved out in the middle of November 2018.

Cassia returned to Brazil for a short while but then came back to the states to complete her studies. If rumors are to be believed, she had moved on with a new man. News of her dating a young Italian man started doing rounds last year. But, there is no confirmation yet as Cassia had deleted all her social media accounts. She has made new ones but has kept them all locked.

Jason is currently back in the dating game. He recently announced his new girlfriend on his Instagram account. He is working on his fitness. He is also continuing his military career and is on a guard duty. He has also become a balloon artist, florist, and dog groomer!

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