Jason Floyd: Where is the Forged in Fire Winner Now?

Season 9 of History’s ‘Forged in Fire’ brought a new set of talented bladesmiths facing off in a series of intense challenges. The episodes tested their ability to forge a variety of historical and iconic weapons under tight deadlines. The competition was fierce, with fresh twists and tougher tasks pushing the contestants to demonstrate their creativity and craftsmanship. In the season’s third episode, Texan smith Jason Floyd forged a sleek ninja sword that withstood the judges’ tests and sliced open his path to victory and a $10,000 cash prize. A full-time groundskeeper from Amarillo at the time, Jason incites curiosity regarding the endeavors he has undertaken after claiming the Forged in Fire Champion title.

Jason Floyd Has Made Huge Strides in His Community

After his victory on the show, Jason went back to his new job as a groundskeeper for the Amarillo Sod Poodles baseball stadium, Hodge Town. He started working on his home’s yard at the behest of his wife. To celebrate his win, Jason hosted a watch party at the Hodge Town Club area. Of course, he was declared the Forged in Fire Champion on TV, and the club erupted in cheers and celebration. The titleholder revealed that he had forged the prize-winning sword at the smithy of his father, who had watched over him as he worked, making for a priceless memory.

“Making knives started out and still is something that I love to do but I never honestly imagined it to reach as many people as it has,” wrote Jason. “I appreciate everyone that came to the watch party, reached out with a comment, phone call, message. You are all great people I am privileged to call friends and family.” He further appreciated the motivation provided to him by his inspiring father, supportive mother, loving wife, and his three inquisitive children.

As he continued his dedicated work as head groundskeeper, Jason was elated to meet Hall of Famer Goose Gossage, and his eldest daughter received a signed ball from him. In his downtime, the ‘Forged in Fire’ winner took up the hammer and worked on mesmerizingly patterned Damascus knives and commissions under his brand Top Notch Blades. The season 9 victory helped in his publicity and led to more exciting events.

Jason Floyd is Driven by the Strength of His Family

On September 9, 2024, the Knife Guys store in Bushland, Texas, invited the part-time blacksmith to a live forging demo along with other ‘Forged in Fire’ winners, Jason Fry, Deke Parker, and Elijah Williams. The champions conducted live forging sessions, interacting with attendees and showing what goes on behind the scenes in their craft. The organizers also gave away a Gunny Knife designed by veteran drill sergeant and ‘Full Metal Jacket’ actor R. Lee Ermey before he passed away in 2018, with his signature engraved on the back. As seems to be the natural law for forging professionals, the blacksmiths got along splendidly and had a great time hammering steel side by side.

By December, Jason took his two younger children to the Amarillo Civic Center for a gun and knife show, enjoying the variety of metalwork and even 3-D printed weapons on display. At the beginning of 2023, the loving family man appreciated how far his elder daughter, Landyn, had come as she participated in a pig show and placed 4th in her first time showing anything. April 2023 saw him meet up with more ‘Forged in Fire’ contestants on the Texas Select custom cutlery event.

Another reunion of the History show champions took place in September at the aforementioned Knife Guys store, with Jason Fry and Erik Greiner joining Jason Floyd in a live forging display. Only two months later, he would get another opportunity to smith alongside more star craftsmen at the JDCK and TFS Hammer event in Kennedale, TX, where he held a live Damascus demo. The large gathering of talent covered everything from sheath making, engraving, and grinding to personal journeys and mindsets in their workshops.

The Canadian, Texas native was welcomed into the Luck of The Draw family and featured on their Hunting podcast in early 2024. As Jason celebrated 9 years of marriage to Samantha J Floyd in June, he thanked her for putting up with his shenanigans for all their time together. Jason continues to work diligently at his groundskeeper job while keeping up his hustle and passion for smithing with a made-for-order system. His love for his friends and community is evident in his participation in local events and promotion of local businesses. Jason Floyd seems to strive to be a model father to his children, inspired by his dad before him, exposing them to various activities and events that promote growth and faith.

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