Kurt Komyati: Where is Forged in Fire Winner Now?

‘Forged in Fire’ is a History Channel reality show that pits blacksmiths from diverse backgrounds to compete against each other in various weapons crafting challenges. In season 9, the Gladiators of the Forge series was introduced, which saw pitch one-on-one contests of craftsmanship, testing the contestant’s weapons against armor, gelatinous mass, and rock. Among the participants, an army veteran blacksmith, Kurt Komyati, stole the limelight with his pleasant nature, competitive spirit, and sturdy workmanship.

Hailing from the final frontier, Kurt made his dream of competing on the show a reality and won twice, growing richer by $10,000 and drawing attention to his fine work. With an intriguing background and an enterprising nature, the Alaskan smith prompts questions about the journey he has been on since winning the show.

Kurt Komyati Went Right Back to Crafting Knives

Soon after his victory on the show, Kurt went back to making mesmerizing Damascus pattern knives for clients under his brand, Falcon Knives. He followed a batch of mosaic-embellished blades with a video on the benefits of a well-crafted utility knife. The Chugiak, Alaska resident explained that his time in the Army taught him the importance of reliable utility knives. He revealed that his blacksmithing journey had begun with a need to develop a dependable fixed-blade knife as a Jumpmaster, the quality of which could determine the life and death of a paratrooper under his charge.

After crafting the short knife, Kurt proceeded to forge a sujihiki with a San mai blade and a Purple Heart wood handle. The intricate creation preceded a batch of varied orders, many of which are high-quality kitchen tools that the blacksmith makes under the subbrand of Komyati Cutlery, using a river laser for the signature on the blade. The veteran welcomed 2023 with forge-welding big billets and an array of sharper-than-razor knives.

Kurt Komyati Relxes in Alaskan Wilderness and Attends Local Events

Kurt brought home a precious golden retriever pup named Hank to accompany his husky in March. Exploring the breathtaking outdoors in June, the ‘Forged in Fire’ winner reminded us why he lives in Alaska by hiking up a mountain that boasted views of a valley and lake with calm turquoise waters. The smith ventured to Sutton, Alaska, on the 4th of July to watch an adrenaline-fueled car launch event that literally saw cars being launched down a hill.

He attended the event with his significant other, Kyra Nileh, who is a physical therapist at Rebound Sports And Orthopedic Physical Therapy. The two seemed to have a really good time with their friends as the crowds cheered at the glorious mayhem of rapidly demolishing cars. However, in his workaholic style, the craftsman was back to his smithy in no time. He soon began work on a batch of skeleton blades for the Bear Paw Festival. By the penultimate weekend of July, Kurt went on a camping trip with Kyra and a group of friends, backpacking, fishing, and roasting marshmallows over a fire.

Kurt got serious as the Alaska State Fair approached and worked eighteen hours a day for two days leading up to the opening of his stall. He displayed his exquisite knives at the fair in Palmer as a part of the Red Trail in late August. After navigating the hustle and bustle of fair business for a few days, the veteran decided to take a vacation to soothe his mental health.

Kurt Komyati Often Embarks on Vacations To Unwind

Seemingly using his ‘Forged in Fire’ prize winnings for the first time, Kurt set out on an International vacation with Kyra, who he lovingly refers to as “the best woman in the world.” The couple first ventured to Chicago, Illinois, in September 2023, where Kurt fulfilled his lifelong wish to see the Chicago Cubs Play at Wrigley Field.

After having a wonderful time, Kurt declared that their trip had only just begun, and the two flew to the other side of the world, landing in the Eastern European country of Croatia. The nature lovers shared jaw-dropping sights from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, boating and trekking across its landscape of lush green forests and emerald lakes.

Kurt Komyati Enjoys Experimenting in His Forge

Returning to Chugiak in October with renewed vigor and curiosity, the blacksmith fashioned his first cu mai, took up a unique commission, and forged a cavalry sword. Not one to usually craft large swords, Kurt made an exception for an old friend who was responsible for recruiting him into the Army. The ‘Forged in Fire’ star has a lot of love for the force and its veterans. In May 2024, he supported the 22mohawks fundraiser along with the Peters Creek Post 33 American Legion, both non-profit organizations that focus on the welfare of veterans. As Kurt bolsters the noble cause and continues his impeccable work, we can wish him further happiness.

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