Jean-Pierre Saulnier: Where is the Raelian Now?

Raëlism is a religious and philosophical movement founded by Claude Vorilhon in the 1970s. The movement centers around the belief that extraterrestrial scientists created life on Earth through advanced genetic engineering. Since its inception, it has attracted followers worldwide, drawing individuals who resonate with its unconventional ideas about the origins of humanity and the purpose of life. Jean-Pierre Saulnier, featured in Netflix’s ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet,’ is one such early adherent of Raëlism. His story explores his journey within the UFO religion and gives us an insight into the world that has captivated so many over the years.

Jean-Pierre Saulnier Became a Raelian After an Extraterrestrial Encounter

In 1974, while driving from Metz to Vigy in Moselle, former military man Saulnier experienced a perplexing encounter that soon shaped his belief system. Around 5 in the evening, he noticed an unusual star in the sky, and to his amazement, the star began zigzagging towards him. He’d also observed a farmer working on his tractor on a nearby hill. As the object passed directly above them, approximately 40 or 50 yards overhead, both Saulnier’s car and the farmer’s tractor mysteriously shut down. This inexplicable event fueled the former’s curiosity while leaving him with a profound belief that the phenomenon was of extraterrestrial origin.

Following his unexplained encounter, Jean-Pierre Saulnier began seeking answers and found them in the 1974 book ‘Le Livre Qui Dit La Verité’ (‘The Book that Tells the Truth’) by Claude Vorilhon, who went by the name “Raël.” Having previously seen him on television discussing his beliefs, Saulnier obtained this piece of written work from a shop near a Metz cathedral. Intrigued by its contents, he read the book twice in one night and felt that he’d found the answers he was searching for. Convinced that his life was taking a new direction, he was even inspired to visit Raël’s residence in Périgord.

Upon reaching Raël’s residence in the 1970s, Saulnier found around 12 people there and decided to stay, unaware he’d soon become part of a community that was growing in France. Raël, according to him, instructed them in meditation and the pursuit of self-fulfillment. Though his upbringing as a Catholic, where he had even been a choir boy, did make it difficult for him to adjust to the practice of nudity in the group, he said, “It had to be done. It wasn’t easy, but we did it.”

In the documentary, Saulnier shared that various practices were undertaken within the group, including unconventional ones like examining oneself’s anus with a mirror. He said these experiences transformed him, even turning him into a more compassionate and nurturing father for his children. Additionally, he, like many others, committed to donating 10% of his income towards constructing an embassy for the Elohim, the extraterrestrial beings believed by the group to be our creators, upon their arrival on Earth. Additionally, an extra 1% was contributed to Raël, the proclaimed Prophet.

Jean-Pierre Saulnier is a Member of the International Raelian Movement Till Today

Jean-Pierre Saulnier has always remained dedicated to the Raëlian movement, standing by the community through various challenges. When accusations of child abuse emerged in France, he vehemently defended the group, asserting that individuals with such intentions could be found in all segments of society and Raël’s followers were unfairly targeted. As other controversies unfolded, including claims of human cloning by Brigitte Boisellier, which were challenged by many both inside and outside the group, Saulnier maintained a loyal perspective. He said, “If she did it, well done, Brigitte. If she didn’t do it, well done, Brigitte for daring to make us dream.”

In the face of the Raëlian movement’s expansion in Africa, Saulnier’s views are again remarkably positive. He remains committed to the beliefs of the group, contemplating the potential outcomes after death, whether it leads to eternal life or a different existence. Saulnier expresses contentment with either scenario, considering it a victory. Moreover, as an active member, he currently serves as Coordinator at the International du Mouvement Pour le Paradisme, President at Foundation GGG-GGF, and Raelian Guide within the International Raelian Movement. Saulnier continues to share the principles and literature of Raëlism, fulfilling his role as an enthusiastic and devoted follower.

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