Jeff Bridges to Star in FX Drama Series ‘The Old Man’

Jeff Bridges is set to star in the upcoming drama series ‘The Old Man’ for FX. The series marks Bridges’ return to television for the first time in over 50 years. ‘The Big Lebowski‘ star will reportedly play a retired CIA officer in the series, which is written by Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine, creators of ‘Black Sails.’ Based on the eponymous novel written by Edgar Award-winning author Thomas Perry, the plot follows Dan Chase, played by Bridges, an absconded CIA agent who lives as an indifferent retiree. His old world of speeding cars, blazing guns, international bank accounts stacked with dollars, multiple credit cards and passports, shadowy villains plotting world domination, and sexy damsels in distress have long gone into oblivion. But when a deadly assassin arrives with a mission to take Dan out of his comfort zone of retirement, ‘The Old Man’ realizes that in order to secure his future, he has to settle old scores in the past.

Described as “almost faster than a speeding bullet,” Perry’s novel went on to become an instant bestseller when it came out in 2017. Apart from adapting the book, Steinberg and Levine serve as executive producers in the series along with Warren Littlefield, Bridges, Dan Shotz, and David Schiff. Fox 21 Television Studios will produce ‘The Old Man’ in association with The Littlefield Company. The project will start rolling Production this fall.

“Jeff Bridges is an iconic, extraordinary actor and to have him as the star of this series is an incredible moment for FX,” Nick Grad, co-president of original programming for FX Entertainment is quoted by Variety. “Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine have delivered an amazing pilot script and Jeff is perfect for the role of Dan Chase. We’re also happy to be working with Warren Littlefield, with whom we’ve had such a terrific partnership on Fargo, along with our partners at Fox 21.”

“Jeff Bridges is one of the most important actors of his generation,” said Jon Steinberg. “John Landgraf, Eric Schrier, Gina Balian, Nick Grad and their team at FX have built a home for content of unparalleled quality. Bert Salke and his team at Fox 21 have developed a sterling track record for generating said content. And Warren Littlefield has forgotten more about making great television than we will ever know. To call this a project a dream opportunity for us is almost certainly a gross understatement.”

‘The Old Man’ brings Bridges back into television to play the leading role after the actor’s last stint with the small-screen, ‘The Lloyd Bridges Show’ (1962–1963) and ‘Sea Hunt’ (1958–1960). The actor also appeared in several television movies and pilots during the ’70s and ’80s. Bridges emerged as an A-Lister with movies like ‘Crazy Heart,’ ‘Hell or High Water,’ ‘The Last Picture Show,’ and ‘TRON.’ He has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, winning one for his stunning portrayal of ‘Otis “Bad” Blake’ in ‘Crazy Heart.’ (Cover Image Courtesy: Lionsgate, ‘Hell or High Water’)