Jefferson y Adrianita From World of Dance: Everything We Know

‘World of Dance’ is an amazing show that brings forth exceptional talent on the silver screen. Herself an accoladed artist, Jennifer Lopez is one of the executive producers for the show. Year after year, the most enthralling performances are put on by people who live for dance. It is a show that truly champions this art. Season 4 is no different in this respect, with Jefferson Y Adrianita stealing the show when it comes to ballroom dancing. If you wish to learn more about them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Jefferson y Adrianita: Where Are They From?

Jefferson Benjumea and Adrianita Avila are from Cali, Columbia. Both of them are in their 20s. Their incredible chemistry as a dancing duo also stems from the fact that they are married in real life. Although they have been dancing together for the past 16 years, the two time Salsa World Champions only teamed up professionally around a decade ago. While they specialize in Colombian Salsa, the two can dance multiple styles like the rhumba, cha-cha-cha, and samba.

When asked how she fell for her partner, Adrianita stated that she met Jefferson when they were young and danced for the same group. She was 16 at the time. They became friends back then, and over time, it blossomed into love. They are proud parents of a boy named Derek. Jefferson named his child after his idol, Derek Hughes (who also serves as a judge on the show) claiming there was no other name more suited for his child.

Jefferson y Adrianita: Performances

For the qualifying round, the duo choreographed a routine to ‘Dos Jueyes’ by Celia Cruz. All 3 judges saw their potential and sent them forward to the duel round. Their performance was so beautiful! Their footwork was incredibly fast, and they also utilized unique lifts and tricks in their performance. The cutest was when after finishing their routine, Jefferson kissed her. I mean, if that wasn’t the cherry on top of the cake!

For the duel round against Luca and Alessandra, the two choreographed a sizzling number to ‘El Ray Del Timba’ by Tito Puente. Their footwork was even cleaner than in the previous performance, and when combined with perfect coordination, it set the stage on fire. The judges literally went next to the stage to warm their hands from all that heat! The Colombian duo won the round and have secured a spot in the semi-finals. 

Their style is focused on footwork, with lifts and tricks being used to elevate their choreography. Their rehearsals are intense, and reportedly last 2 hours every single day. They follow a 3 month vigorous physical and psychological training before all competitions as well. 

Jefferson Y Adrianita: Predictions: How Far Will They Go?

In just two performances, it is evident that the couple means serious business, and has persevered hard to reach as far as they have in the competition. They have been lauded as one of the strongest competitors in the series, and their 2020 Emmy nomination (for both routines) is a testament to this. ‘World of Dance’ is the defending champion for the genre, and Jefferson and Adrianita are the only contestants to have been nominated from the series. 

Despite winning numerous accolades as competitive dancers, they entered the show to take themselves to the next level of competition and represent their culture as well. Their discipline, passion, and technique can easily pave the way to them qualifying onto the final round, and the likelihood of them being able to win is quite high! 

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