Jeffrey Dahmer’s Prom Date Photo is Creepy as Hell

Image Credit: Milwaukee Police Department

In ‘ID’s Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster,’ it is made clear that Jeffrey was a shy adolescent and a misfit who then turned into a notorious serial killer and cannibal. However, the extent of his shyness and his behavior during his teenage years, can only be perfectly described by what transpired during his prom night, by his date. Curious to know what we mean? Read on to find out!

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Prom Date?

The Plain Dealer has reported that Bridget Geiger was Jeffrey Dahmer’s senior prom date to the Revere High School prom back in 1978. She was just 16, and he was 18. Bridget has admitted that the only reason why he even asked her to be his date was because her best friend was dating his best friend, adding that Jeffrey was scared to death of girls. In another report, a documentary, she specified that he asked her to be his date on the day before prom was to happen. “He came up and said ‘Mike said you’d said you’d go to prom with me, is that right?’ That’s exactly how he asked me…I knew a week ahead of time, but he was afraid to ask me. He was polite, he did act kind of goofy, but he didn’t look like he had a mean bone in his body.”

When the day came and Jeffrey arrived to pick Bridget up, he was so nervous and slow that her mother had to put the corsage on her. Jeffrey was afraid that he might either stick her with the pin or touch her, so he was going as slow as possible. Then, they went to an awkward dinner before proceeding to the prom itself. Bridget said that for a while, Jefferey disappeared on her. At first, she thought that he must have gone to use the restroom, but as time passed she knew that that wasn’t the case. When he returned, she found out that he had gone to McDonald’s. He was so nervous that he couldn’t eat in front of her during dinner, so he had left to satiate his hunger. He even had the bags and cheeseburger wrappings to prove it.

Image Credit: Bridget Geiger / The Plain Dealer

After that, Jeffrey took Bridget home. He bid her goodnight politely, yet shyly, and then left without another word. She says that the night was over by maybe 11 or 12 o’clock at most. They didn’t stay out late, they didn’t dance a lot, and she assumes that he was scared that she might kiss him or something. The newspaper, The Plain Dealer, reports that Bridget Geiger is now married, but it didn’t specify whether Geiger is her maiden name or her married name. Along with that, it also reported that Bridget and Jeffrey hung out again, just once more, during a “party.”

Sometime after their prom in June 1978, Bridget was invited to Jeffrey’s house for a party, but there was ″no music, no food, no drinks – it was a nerd party. There were seven people at the whole thing.″ While she was there, Jeffrey and a friend of his called for a seance. ″Then, after we sat down and were situated, the lights went out and one of the kids – not Dahmer – said, ‘Let’s call Lucifer.’ Then, the flame on the candles snapped,″ she said. Bridget was so frightened by that point that she fled the house right away, never looking back. After that, she never saw Jeffrey again. (Featured Image Credit: Milwaukee Police Department)

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