12 Best Jennifer Love Hewitt Movies and TV Shows

6. Heartbreakers (2001)

A mother-daughter duo of Max and Page Conners (Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt) has a knack for fooling wealthy men. The mother woos the man into marrying her and the daughter posing as her secretary seduces him into a quick divorce and hefty settlement. Then they move on to their next target. This is until Page falls in love with a mark she’s playing on the side. He realizes she’s fooling her and leaves her. In the meantime, the man Max is playing dies while trying to have sex with her, which lands both of them in trouble. The game is afoot when the pair get caught in their own web of lies.


5. The Tuxedo (2002)

Jimmy Tong (Jackie Chan) a notorious taxi-driver and a newly hired chauffeur of an undercover spy gets into trouble when his the same spy is attacked by his enemies. He slips into a coma and Jimmy is left to fend for himself. Left behind from his boss’s personal effects are a Tuxedo and a watch. What he doesn’t know before wearing that Tuxedo is that it is a gadget which can give its wearer special abilities all the way from fending off criminals to dancing The Tango. On his way to finding out who is behind the constant attacks on him, he meets the girl of his dreams Delilah Blaine (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who is a scientist. He falls in love with her instantly but impersonating his boss and lying to her doesn’t help. What will happen when she gets to know his reality?


4. Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010)

Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) can see dead people. Oh sorry, wrong movie. Melinda can see and talk with the spirits of dead people just like her grandmother. In the beginning, she is confused and freaked by her power. As Mel is trained by her grandmother, however, she realizes what boon she has. She helps, using her ability, the spirits trapped between the two worlds, as well as the loved ones they have left behind.


3. The Client List (2010)

Samantha Horton (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a housewife and a former Texas beauty queen who lives happily with her husband and three kids. Due to an accident, her husband has to leave his job, which results in financial difficulties for the family. As she has no formal training whatsoever, Sam has to take a job in a massage parlor to sustain her family. What she doesn’t know is that the girls working there are in reality prostitutes who perform sexual favors for prominent members of the society. To gain some extra dollars she decides to go down the dark path without telling her family. Will her soul survive?


2. If Only (2004)

This is the story of Ian Wyndham (Paul Nicholls) who is an English businessman. He doesn’t care for things like love and affection until something happens. When his sweet and caring girlfriend Samantha Andrews (Jennifer Love Hewitt) dies in a car accident, he realizes what she had meant for him. He gets a second chance in the way that he gets to live that one day over and over again. Now what he must do is save her from dying and tell her how much he loves her. In the ultimate test of love will he succeed?


1. The Lost Valentine (2011)

Let’s face it. This film has Valentine in its name. No points for guessing what it is all about. All jokes aside, however, this movie in spite of its limited TV release was a beautiful one about love and the longing that comes complimentary with it. Susan Allison (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a TV reporter who is sent to cover the sweetest love story in the history of love stories. Too mushy? Well, Jennifer is in it. While writing the story, Susan falls for a guy called Lucas but keeps ignoring her feelings. Until she realizes, however, that love has not left her even if she has turned her back on it.

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