Jenny Doboszynski: Where is Antonio Neill’s Mother Now?

Image Credit: Jenny Doboszynski/Facebook

Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained: Floating Feet of Salish Sea’ gives us a detailed account of several cases of severed feet found along the coastlines of the Salish Sea, focusing on the investigation and beliefs of people that a sea creature is responsible for the killings of the victims. However, when the foot of Antonio Neill surfaced on the shore, the investigators, as well as his mother, Jenny Doboszynski, moved heaven and earth to look for the rest of his remains. Throughout the episode, Jenny shared her feelings regarding her son’s disappearance and the discovery of his foot and boot, but not much was revealed about her current whereabouts and what’s been going on in her life.

Jenny Doboszynski Played a Huge Part in the Search For Her Son

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jenny Neill, later Doboszynski, gave birth to Antonio Neill in the late 1990s and raised him to be a kind and understanding man. However, he got involved into the world of heavy drugs by associating with the wrong crowd. Not much later, he was incarcerated on DUI charges, where he went through the process of detox. Meanwhile, Jenny was supposedly concerned about his well-being and waited for the day of his release. When he got out of jail on December 11, 2016, she spent most of the day with him before he headed to a friend’s house for the night.

Image Credit: Jenny Doboszynski/Facebook

Upon Antonio’s return the following day, Jenny took him out to get him a new driver’s license, a cell phone, and a haircut. After spending the entire day together on December 12, he went to crash at the house of one of his friends — Andrew Okey — until he found himself a separate place to stay. However, when Jenny did not receive any call or text from her son, she grew concerned. But her concern turned into worry when he did not show up at her house on Christmas. When she contacted Andrew, he told her that Antonio had injured him and ran out of the residence, and hadn’t returned since then.

Immediately, Jenny filed a missing person report for Antonio Neill, and the police began searching for any sign of her son. Talking to People about the entire situation, Jenny stated, “There are no suspects currently. Because we don’t know what happened, we essentially can’t have a suspect and a crime. It is a huge mystery and we are not getting anywhere. I need to find out what happened to my baby. I won’t stop until I do.” After 16 months of no development in the investigation, Jenny started to believe that “something viciously wrong happened to him.” She had been busy posting fliers of her missing son all over Everett; she even put up Antonio’s face on a billboard.

However, there were no updates regarding his whereabouts, while Jenny kept making efforts until a severed foot was found on the shore of the Salish Sea on January 1, 2019. As soon as Jenny heard the news and found out that the foot belonged to Antonio, her heart sank as it meant that there was a high chance that he was no longer alive. Although she was in grief, she believed that her son would not die by suicide and suspected some type of foul play. In order to amplify the search for any kind of information about Antonio, she helped set up a Facebook page for her son. To get enough amount of money for his funeral, she also set up a GoFundMe page. His case has been classified as a no body homicide investigation.

Jenny Doboszynski is Now Married to Her Longtime Partner

A lot has changed in Jenny Doboszynski’s life since the discovery of Antonio’s partial remains. On June 6, 2019, she got engaged to her partner, Mark Dobo. In just over a month, Jenny and Mark took their relationship to another level by officially uniting in the bonds of holy matrimony on July 14, 2019. Their family and friends witnessed the celebration of their love. Over the years, they have built up a beautiful life together, with love, care, and mutual respect for each other. The pair marked their fourth wedding anniversary basking in the sun on a yacht in the gorgeous and breezy Hawaii.

Though Jenny keeps sharing snippets from her life with her love on her social media pages, it is very evident that she hasn’t moved on from the tragic fate of her son. Every year in the month of March, on Antonio’s birthday, she shares videos or photos of her beloved son in celebration of his birthday. Not just that, in memory of her son, Jenny also submerges a cake in a body of water. On the professional front, she is likely associated with the Ophthalmology department of Kaiser Permanente Bellevue Medical Center. From what we can tell, although Jenny has settled down in life, she is still seeking details about the murder of her son while trying her best to keep the memories of her son alive.

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