Jerry Barker Murder: Where is Rebecca Barker Now?

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‘Evil Stepmothers: Selfish Desires’ delves deep into the tragic case of Jerry Barker’s murder, which left everyone in the community in complete shock. The 76-year-old had lived a long and rich life, but when it came to a halt unexpectedly and suddenly, the lives of his family and friends were affected the most. The events in the victim’s life that led him to his demise and the investigation that followed are covered in the episode, alongside the insightful interviews with the experts of the case as well as Jerry’s close ones.

Jerry Barker Was Found Murdered in His Home in 2014

Jerry Lee Barker entered the world of Eugene (Pete) Barker and Sally Mae Barker as a bundle of joy on March 4, 1937, in Talladega, Alabama. Before moving to a small town called Rusk in Texas, he had spent his childhood in a loving household with his siblings — Leslie G. Barker and Ralph K. “Rabbit” Barker. In Rusk, he owned his own rig and used to work as a long-haul trucker. Soon, Jerry crossed paths with Frances “Mae” Haynes, with whom he tied the knot in 1950. In the following years, they gave birth to four sons, including Gary Barker, Jerry Michael Barker, and Ronnie Barker.

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When he was not driving trucks, Jerry spent quality time with his wife and children, teaching them how to repair cars. Having spent several decades together, the couple had watched their family grow. However, the Barkers’ world collapsed in 2001 when Frances died of a fatal heart attack. Her death took a toll on him as he couldn’t focus on anything but the grief in his heart. A year after losing his wife, things began looking up for him when he met 40-year-old waitress Rebecca Osborne at her cafe.

Just like Jerry, Rebecca, too, was a single parent of her two grown children. With several similarities, the two bonded with each other and started dating. Despite the 20-year age difference, they took their relationship to the next level and got married. Having driven a truck for many years, Jerry decided to take his hands off the steering wheels by 2008, sell his 18-wheeler, and start a business by opening a general store in Dialville, Texas, where he could work with Rebecca and spend more time with his family.

Everything appeared to be perfect until the 76-year-old Jerry was found dead in his house on February 26, 2014. When the authorities arrived at the crime scene, they found him sitting in his chair with a single yet fatal gunshot wound to the abdomen. While collecting evidence, the police retrieved the murder weapon — a Ruger 357 revolver. According to the autopsy results, the trigger was pulled from a distance of within three feet, and he was reportedly asleep at the time.

Jerry Barker’s Death Was a Result of His Wife’s Rage

On the fateful afternoon of February 26, 2014, the police were notified about the murder of Jerry Barker by his wife Rebecca, who informed the official on the call: “Ma’am…I just shot my husband. Oh god, what have I done? I’ve done the wrong thing. I shot him. I’m so scared.” That was when the authorities rushed to the Barker residence, where she was immediately taken into custody. When the wife of the victim was brought in for questioning, she claimed that the couple almost always had arguments over the store. While Rebecca felt she was overworked, she stated Jerry did not pitch in to help her.

Moreover, on the morning of the tragic day, Rebecca refused to go to work, which led to a big argument. She claimed that Jerry had been verbally abusive towards her the entire day. So, when she couldn’t take it any longer, she said she shot him to death with a .357 Magnum. After her confession, the police took her into custody and charged her with first-degree murder while being held on a $500,000 bond. Throughout their marriage, Jerry used to stand by his wife, but in the months leading to the murder, he was unhappy and was contemplating getting a divorce.

Furthermore, just a few weeks before his demise, his family noticed that his health had deteriorated significantly. In an interview with KLTV, Gary said, “Shaking like a rag, like he had some type of Parkinson’s disease. He had all of the wrong medicines in his system, was not functional, and couldn’t think for himself. She was running the show.” Gary revealed that he told the authorities, “Please pull my father from this. Pull him away and do an evaluation to where it’s safe to be back around these people. I believe that this lady could probably murder my father.” However, when Adult Protective Services performed a wellness check, Jerry was found in good health.

Previously, Rebecca had been involved in another case where she shot her husband. In September 1996, Rebecca Barker, then Rebecca Lynn Osborne, was charged with the attempted murder of John Osborne, her husband at the time. Back on April 15, 1996, she reportedly shot John with her firearm, but fortunately, he survived the attack. Her then-husband filed a restraining order against her the following day. Blaming it on her alcoholism, John did not want to pursue a case against her. As a result, Rebecca pleaded guilty and was sentenced to less than six months in prison. On top of that, she had to pay a fine and received deferred adjudication.

Rebecca Barker is Behind Bars, Serving Her Life Sentence

Early on, Rebecca Barker pleaded guilty to shooting her husband, Jerry Barker, to death in February 2014. She was then convicted of the charges against her and eventually received a life sentence on November 14, 2014, alongside a $10,000 fine. She would be eligible for parole in 2044 when she is about 82 years old. While the convict had nothing to say when she received the sentence, her daughter, Marsha Mabrey, had a few words to say to CBS19. She said, “There’s no excuse for what my mom did and…I know the Lord has his hand in everything, and there’s a reason for everything, but I’m brokenhearted.”

On the other hand, Jerry Barker’s family expressed a sense of peace and relief in their statements. His son, Jerry Michael Barker, stated, “She got what she deserved and God will take over from there. I never want to see that woman in my entire life ever again.” His other son, Gary Barker, also opened up about the situation. He said, “It’s just cold. The whole thing was cold. I don’t see how anybody could have a heart to do something like that…Dad, if you’re listening, I love you very much.” Currently, Rebecca Barker is incarcerated at the Patrick O’Daniel Unit in Gatesville, Texas.

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