Jessica Almenäs: The Love is Blind Sweden Host is in a Happy Relationship

Image Credit: Rickard Aronsson/Netflix

Thanks to her fantastic hosting abilities in Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ Jessica Almenäs has become a name known across the world. Her ability to put the contestants at ease in a humorous yet relatable manner has allowed Jessica to gain many fans who have become highly curious about her life. Several of her admirers are especially interested in learning about her own romantic life, given her status as the woman helping several love stories come true.

Jessica Almenäs Participated in the Miss World Competition

Hailing from Östersund, Jämtlands län, Sweden, Jessica Almenäs is the daughter of Mikeal Almenäs. She also has a sister named Jenny Almenäs. The ‘Love is Blind: Sweden’ star is known for her work within the Swedish entertainment industry. She is also a huge name in the pageant industry, having become the runner-up Miss Sweden in 1998, which allowed her to participate in that year’s Miss World competition. For the most part, she is known for her work as a presenter, having been a part of many projects over the years that have helped her showcase her skills in Sweden.

A former host of ‘Nyhetsmorgon,’ Jessica has also had the honor of being a presenter for ‘Fotbollsgalan,’ the annual Swedish football award show, from 2006 to 2009. Additionally, she has been affiliated with ‘Kristallen’ in 2008 as a presenter and in 2014 as a celebrity interviewer. Some of the other entertainment projects undertaken by Jessica include ‘Biggest Loser,’ ‘Let’s Dance,’ and ‘Vinnare V75.’ Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, she also used to play football, having been one of the players in the elite circle of Brahe Basket.

Jessica Almenäs Has Two Kids With Former Partners

Given her prominent role in the Swedish entertainment industry, Jessica Almenäs’ romantic partners have always captured the attention of the world. Her relationship with Johan Edlund certainly became well-known across the country, especially after the two became parents to their son Jack, who was born on July 9, 2005. Since then, the couple has separated, though they continue to remain on amicable terms, having worked as co-parents to their child for many years.

In fact, Jessica even seems to have a positive relationship with Sofia Geite, Johan’s present wife, whom he married in 2018. Sofia has publically shared that she and Jessica get along and are part of the same industry. Following her relationship with Johan, Jessica went on to date Tony André Hansen. The couple’s relationship started in 2006 and went on for eight years. The two did have to overcome many struggles, like the fact that they hailed from two different countries, given Tony’s status as a star Norwegian equestrian.

Despite their struggles, Jessica and Tony tried to make their relationship work as much as possible. They even became a parent to a son called Dylan, who was born on September 30, 2009. However, in 2014, Jessica and Tonty ended their relationship, though they continued to co-parent their son. In the fall of the same year, Jessica also had a brief relationship with Sebastian Karlsson. While they eventually decided to break up, the two remained on amicable terms for the most part, even calling each other friends.

Jessica Almenäs and Her Boyfriend are Proud Parents

As of writing, Jessica Almenäs is in a very happy relationship with Patrik Fahlgren. The couple got to know each other through some mutual friends and initially talked over social media. They then met in person after some time, owing to Patrick’s stay in Germany as a professional handball player. However, not long after they met, the couple fell in love hard and fast. The two decided to go public with their relationship in January 2016, though, as of July 2021, they had been dating for about seven years.

In 2017, Jessica and Patrick welcomed a son of their own called Sam, whom they adore very much. The happy family has brought much joy to those who have continued to support them over the years. Interestingly, in 2017, Jessica also revealed that she and Patrick were actually related due to a shared ancestor who was alive in the 18th century in Sweden’s Skellefteå area. The discovery did seem to cause Jessica some minor worry, given the possible implications, though the long separation in the branching out of their family trees likely ensured that the two did not allow this to affect their relationship in a negative way.

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