Where Are Jessica and Austin From Married at First Sight Now?

Lifetime’s ‘Married At First Sight’ is quite a popular TV reality show that has seen a roll of ten seasons. This show asks its contestants to take a leap of faith in terms of finding their partners for life. Once you walk down the aisle with your match made by experts, the next phase begins. After getting to know your partner, there is a decision day, which is a testimonial to the success of the relationship. The brief trial of these relationships has been nothing short of a sensational journey for its ardent viewers.

Season 10 has gifted us with a set of couples who make us a part of their intimate journey. Their relatively new marriage is the subject of much faith and deliberations. If you have been hooked on to the show, then you would definitely want to know if these couples are together or not.

Jessica and Austin: Married At First Sight Journey

These are probably the most rooted for couple this season. The two have had an instant connection from the very beginning. Jessica was raised in an old town in Ohio. Her family consists of her parents, twin sister, and her brother. Inspired by the relationship goals of her own parents, she came into ‘Married At First Sight’ to bag her love for life. Austin, on the other hand, has been on a quest for ‘the one’ for too long. He comes from Maryland. His family that includes his parents and a sister, have been rooting for his dreams to be fulfilled.

The couple has had their share of issues on the show; however, they always seemed like minor issues that can be expected from a newly married couple. Jessica’s main issue stemmed from Austin’s inability to fully commit by saying the magic words, ‘I love you.’ Though it’s understandable why she would want this security, it is also understandable that Austin would want to take his own time to say something that important. The next bump on the road seemed to be Austin’s job that requires him to travel quite a lot. Jessica seemed quite bothered about it. Though such arguments are essential, that didn’t seem to slow down their affection for each other.

Are Jessica and Austin Still Together?

At the moment, both are keeping a low profile on social media. However, Jessica’s Facebook profile is still public, and from what we can see there, she is not yet vocal about her current marital status on the platform. Though there are numerous pictures of her and her sister, close to nothing is seen of Austin. Jessica’s profile photo is a verse from the bible, which says:

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”

Hopefully, the phrase is valid for this couple. The two who are continuously steady, reliable, and committed to each other is a secure sign that they are still together. Even to much of its viewers’ observations, if anyone is bound to come out of this still married and in love, it’s these two.

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