Are Jessica and Jonathan From Owning Manhattan Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ shows the other side of the real estate industry and what goes into the sale and purchase of luxurious properties in New York. While mostly professional and straightforward, some drama made it onto the series. It all began with Jessica Markowski and Jonathan Nørmølle banding together, disregarding the work of other agents, and targeting a relatively newer agent. While their friendship started with working on listings together, whether the aftermath of the chaos of their conversations has caught up to their friendship remains to be seen.

Jessica and Jonathan Worked on Many Listings Together

Jess Markowski and Jonathan Nørmølle got to work together on a listing and soon discovered that they gelled well together. They decided to stick by each other’s side and help each other advance their careers by joining forces for significant sales and keeping each other updated about opportunities. When Jessica asked him if the newer agent, Savannah Gowarty, could join the team, Jonathan said she would mostly be a runner and not bring anything to the table. Jessica agreed and sacrificed her friendship with Savannah to go ahead with Jonathan.

Things worsened when Jessica and Jonathan appeared on his podcast together. During the episode, he rambled on about how the other agents were not as successful as he was, criticizing the styles of veteran agents and mainly targeting Savannah and her skills. It hurt those who heard it and created a bad impression of the company. When Ryan finally put his foot down and fired Jonathan for making many other mistakes, Jessica expressed sadness at seeing her friend go and mentioned that she would miss working with him. However, she recognized that being on the podcast with him could have been detrimental to her career and was relieved that it blew over for her.

Jessica and Jonathan Are No Longer in Touch

Jessica and Jonathan’s friendship seems short-lived and hasn’t lasted. Even when they were friends, their talks were very professional, centering around work and never going beyond that frame. Naturally, now that Jonathan has left SERHANT, they have set out on different paths in life and hardly get a chance to meet and catch up. Given that they do not follow each other on social media and do not have the opportunity to get updates on each other’s lives, there is little chance that they would rekindle their friendship unless they find themselves working together or in a similar setting again.

Having said that, we should mention that there is no hostility between them either. Neither Jessica nor Jonathan has said bad words about each other since the show concluded. It just seems like a natural progression of their lives that they have lost touch. One can assume that if they meet each other at any public or private event or face to face, they would only have kind words and each other’s best interests in mind.

Jessica Has Continued Working at SERHANT

Jessica has made significant strides in her career at SERHANT. With nine years of experience behind her, she is recognized as one of the rising stars within the team. Ryan Serhant acknowledges her potential and actively provides her with opportunities where she can excel. Her background as the Head of Communications at Screenshop, a company co-founded by Kim Kardashian, adds an extra layer of appeal to her real estate business, which her clients appreciate. With a sales history exceeding $200 million over her career, her accomplishments are indeed impressive.

Jessica, a first-generation Polish immigrant, inspires many through her work and community engagement. In March 2024, she spoke at the Polish consulate about her experiences, trials, and the path to her success. Jessica’s career spans modeling, where she collaborated professionally with Wilhelmina International from 2015 to 2022. She leverages this experience to enhance her social media presence, often partnering with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Chanel, and Zimmerman.

Her adeptness in front of the camera has bolstered her profile and supports her real estate outreach and networking efforts. In December 2023, Jessica became engaged to her longtime partner, David Weisburd, and they look forward to building their life together with their cherished dog, Romeo, who completes their family.

Jonathan Runs His Own Real Estate Agency Today

Since departing from SERHANT, Jonathan has embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey with his venture, NextGen, which he launched in October 2021 and is currently dedicated to expanding. His business strategy incorporates social media and AI in real estate transactions, which he views as pivotal for the industry’s future direction. Jonathan is recognized as an emerging leader in his field, which is highlighted by his cover feature in notable publications like ‘Downtown’ and invitations to speak at industry panels and sessions where he advises upcoming talent.

Jonathan has also achieved personal milestones, including marrying Devon Nørmølle in September 2023, whom he considers the love of his life. They relish their newlywed status at their home base in New York. Despite his departure from SERHANT, Jonathan continues to host his podcast, using his Instagram platform to promote it. By featuring successful entrepreneurs beyond the real estate industry, Jonathan has broadened the podcast’s appeal and diversified its content. With his diverse ideas and enthusiastic pursuit of new ventures, he anticipates further success.

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