Jessica More: Everything We Know

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 5 brought a major change in the power dynamics among the crew members by introducing an all-female lead crew. We have Captain Sandy Yawn, Malia White, and Hannah Ferrier, as they are joined by six new yachties — all aboard the luxurious The Wellington, which happens to be the largest vessel in ‘Below deck’ history. All the events take place in the gorgeous locales of Mallorca, and among the new crew members, we have the stunning stewardess, Jessica More. Well, if you wish to know more about this beautiful newcomer, read on!

Jessica More Nationality: Where is She From?

Jessica has grown up both in Florida and Southern California. Her parents are divorced and she spent most of her younger days surfing by the beach. And this is how she started loving the ocean. A glance at her social media handles and you will see them packed with pictures near the sea and at home in Los Angeles. She loves scuba diving, surfing, and swimming and for her, a job on a yacht is her natural habitat.

Check out one of her posts below, which she captions as follows: “A fish ? can not drown in water & a bird ? can not fall from the sky. Each creature must find their own god given element ??? ________________________________________________________ A few fun underwater photos from travels.”

Here is another one:

Jessica’s dad was a rider who participated in road racing and she holds some fond memories of him. She spent a lot of her childhood with him on the tracks at races. He used to regularly service his motorcycles and she would sit by his side while brushing up her own knowledge about techniques and new tires. Here is an adorable picture of the father-daughter duo from Jessica’s childhood:

You can check out this post as well where she goes mountain climbing with her father:

The reality star is also a travel enthusiast and documents her stories regularly on her Insta handle. Here are a few of our favorite picks:

Jessica More: Age & Profession

Apparently, in her late 20s, Jessica has worked in several professions. She served drinks at a Las Vegas strip club, was a part of the music industry in Los Angeles, and has even had a stint with real estate. Her resume may be varied but she has excelled in each of her jobs. Later, she decided that the real world is too tough and she should try her hands at ‘yachting’.

After selling her belongings, she grabbed the role of a yachtie on a charter, where she worked as a stewardess with a skeleton crew of three. After working in three smaller yachts, she finally was recruited as a stew on the mega-yacht, The Wellington, which is featured in ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’.

Jessica More: Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

Known for her laidback demeanor and calm attitude, Jessica claims that she can handle any kind of drama until she feels disrespected. She keeps an open mind in every new charter but does not hesitate from getting into confrontations if the situation demands it. In ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’, the star had stated that she is on the lookout for love. But she soon lands into trouble when she mixes work with play!

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